Pump Sites

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I have been on the pump for a few months now (paradigm) and was having problems with the quick sets infusion sets.  So medtronic suggested I switch to the silhouette sets which are fantastic.  The needles look big at first but they don't hurt, are quick and I have no issues with them, they always work for me.  Anyway, I've had some conflicting suggestions on where to put my sites.  I was doing a clockwise rotation on my abdomen, then I was told this was wrong and that I should do a zigzag formation around my midsection to my back.  I was then told that I shouldn't use my low back but that I could use my butt (for lack of better word LOL) for sites.  This sounds uncomfortable to sit on and difficult to see when I'm changing sites.  I'm wondering if anyone has any site rotation suggestions or experiences to share. 


Josie, my son too had problems with the Quicksets..he went to the Sure-T, which is actually a needle and we have had many less "site" problems.  He is VERY thin and cannot wear them in his abdomen area, so he rotates from his hips (not butt, so you're not sitting on them) and I'm talking in a spot that has some fat but below where your pants sit...he also uses the backs of his arms and strings the tubing down his shirt...don't know if that helps or not, but that's what he does to make it work.  In the past he has also used the thigh area....good luck!

Thank you so much for the information.  It was helpful!  I will definitely try the hip location!

I actually started out on silo's but went to quicksets. The silohettes bruised me everytime.

I really love the Silo's. They really have been very beneficial. While I do use the abdomen being a guy that site takes more effort to prepare than the others. I have really been using my hips more often as the angle seems to be great, however you need to aim for spots with a little fat there. Since the needles for the Silo's are a little longer, sometimes as of late I tend to hit bone and not get a proper first time insertion. What I do as a cycle is that since I use the CGM as well, I tend to change my infusion site every three days and keep it on the same side or same hip. Than when I switch the CGM to the other side of my body I move the infusion site. Minimed has a brochure that explains the different locations and rotation cycles for the infusion sets. http://www.minimed.com/pdf/infusionsite.pdf

You can also put them in your upper legs ( thighs) if you are looking for other spots to rotate.