Pump sites

Hello, all.  So, I've had diabetes now for almost 20 years....time flies!  I have been on the pump for close to 10 years.  I have had great control.  Over the past 6 months my sugar levels have been less in control than usual.  Most recent, the past 2 weeks I've had some major highs and I have been giving insulin by shot to bring them down.  I've come to the conclusion that something is wrong with my pump or the supplies/tubing that I have (this has been the case before where I've been sent a bad set of micro-fits)....not fun!  Some times the pump beeps all crazy and others it seems to work but sugars are still whacky.  So my other temporary solution before I can get this figured out with Medtronic is to change my site.  I truly have only used my back side-sounds crazy but I rotate sides and haven't had a problem.  I am seeing information re: using your arm/stomach, etc.  Does this really work?  Is it comfortable?  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!  Thanks,  Sarah

My daughter wore her set in her bottom for 2 years and just in the last couple of months I convinced her to change to her stomach. She loves it! It shows less and she says it does not hurt as bad! Give it a try!

I actually prefer to use my stomach and my thigh area. When the infusion sites are in my buttocks, they seem to get irritated and cause a stinging pain when I exercise or move in strange positions. I find that my upper thighs and stomach area work the best for me.

I normally use my stomach or thighs, but have started using my arms once in a while.  I find that if I do a sit on my lower back the sites become irrated and tend to have problems.  Do you have any suggestions about putting them there?