Pump Suggestions?

I’ve been diagnosed for five months, my endo and insurance has given me the go ahead to get a pump at the end of June. When I was first diagnosed I went over some of the pumps with my educator and the omnipod was one that really stood out to me because it does not have tubing. I wouldn’t have to be worried about tubing sleeping, in the shower, or wearing a dress. However, now that I’ve been on a CGM for a few months I have realized I tend to walk away from the receiver, and/or lose the receiver (I know, I’m working on it). Which concerns me about the omnipod PDM either losing it or the annoyance of bringing it everywhere. At least a pump with tubing is attached to you making it nearly impossible to lose. I have also noticed that the majority of people at my endo have the minimed. My parents and I have been debating the pro and cons of the omnipod all week and I am open to any pump recommendations!


I have been teeter tottering with changing over to Omnipod for YEARS! I have been using a minimed for 13 years and to me it is the best pump on the market. Minimed also has the 530g with enlite system now, which I haven’t tried yet because my pump isn’t up for warranty for another year.

The reason I want the Omnipod is because I want to be tubeless but, for the same reason you mentioned above I am afraid that I will lose the receiver too.

I hope someone else has better advice than me lol


I have had the Medtronic system for 4.5 years. I started out just using the clip it comes with, but I worked as a vet tech and just holding (wrestling) one dog it would be out of my pocket and on the floor and the tubing would be all over. I actually got some cracks in the case that made it less accurate at dosing (which I didn’t find out until I got a replacement pump and discovered it was working much better!)

I looked into getting the Omnipod and got the sample in the mail to try out. The “pod” is so much larger than the infusion site for the Medtronic pump and I was already having problems with hitting it against doors/wall edges and pulling it out I decided the Omnipod was not ideal. So I did a lot of searching and eventually found the tummietote by Tallygear (Tallygear.com). I pretty much wear it 24 - 7. It comes with 3 pockets, large enough for a pump, a cellphone, glucose gel pack, etc. One of the pockets has a clear window so I don’t even have to take my pump out to do programming, check the time, etc. It’s a swimsuit-type fabric and very comfortable overnight. Comes in tons of colours and designs, and she makes other things like thigh/arm bands. Hope that might work for you for your receiver!

Also, the nicest thing about the Medtronic system is only needing 1 device (the pump) to carry around with all the data (basal rate, bolus history, CGM data, etc). Also there are bg meters that sync with it so you don’t even have to dial in the number (is that available for other pumps?).

AND Medtronic just announced that they have released an all-in-one insulin infusion and CGM site system in Europe so that should come to North America in the near future, I’d imagine.

Thanks @Gina and @MaggieJo definitely gave me options to think about!

I’ve been on medtronic for 14 years and have never used Omnipod, but here’s my concern with Omnipod–once you insert it, you can’t move it. Depending on my outfit, I clip my pump to my pocket, waistband, or bra. I don’t care about keeping it hidden, but if I’m wearing a fitted shirt or dress I hate to have a pump-sized bulge so obviously sticking out of it. That’s when I tend to clip it to the front of my bra instead. With the omnipod, you’re stuck with that bulge wherever you place it. Just some food for thought.