Pump supplies help

My son got a new MiniMed insulin pump with the CGM. He just called to order some of the supplies for the CGM and was told that it will cost him $300 a month in addition to all of the other supplies and insulin!! He can’t afford that. Who can? Is there any way to get MiniMed supplies cheaper? I sure hope so because he can’t do this. He feels a bit dooped by his doctors office for talking him into a new pump

I suggest you speak with a Minimed rep. In my experience they are the ones that start the process - verifying initial coverage, perhaps recommending suppliers, and doing the initial contact with them to get you started. Some medical devices now fall under pharmacy benefits rather than durable medical equipment (DME) although that may vary by insurance plan. Your rep can help determine which one. I find them to be a great starting place.


Also ask the rep if there is a “free return within x days policy.” Tandem’s is 30 days; Omnipod’s was longer. But he absolutely should not have been sold equipment without full disclose of what it costs to use. If that’s what happened, the Consumer Protection division of his state attorney general’s office wants to know about it so they can investigate.


When open season rolls around and it’s time to decide whether to keep a plan or switch, he’ll want to do an analysis of deductible vs out of pocket expense, as well as co-pays. An insurance broker might be able to help him navigate the options and do some comparisons. That’s a little ways off so tuck it in the back of your mind for now.

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I don’t want to discourage you but depending on the health care plan coverage that sounds somewhat about right. The Medtronic sales person should have ran numbers and disclose what would be the estimated out of pocket monthly cost for the upkeep before proceeding to place the equipment order(at least they did for me). I advice the same as other people mentioned, to reach out to Medtronic and see how can they help. I understand that for most of us is a real sacrifice to maintain that kind of expense but it is one of the best treatments out there to battle this condition. Good luck.

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Thanks Jennifer. Unfortunately the rep didnt do that. Sure wish they would have. The pump he had was working fine. His doctor just wanted him to get the new one with CGM. They unfortunately didn’t mention the additional cost either. He has called Medtronic several times and has gotten no help.

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That is actually very unfortunate to hear. (Disclosure: Not trying to give medical advice, each patient should always follow their own doctor’s recommendation for treatment) I extend the life of my sensor for a few more days cheating the system and that way I save a little bit of money since the sensors are the bulk of my out of pocket cost, but! it is not recommended by Medtronic. There are videos about it. Maybe he can look this up and see if it’s something he’s willing to try.

If the rep didn’t do that perhaps the issue should be escalated to a manager with higher authority. It would be a shame to possibly lose a customer because they did not do the work.

Which Medtronic pump does he have? I have a lot of cannulas and sensors that are not being used since I went to the Tandem pump. Medicare does not cover the Medtronic sensors is the reason I changed pump and sensors. If you can use them, you are welcome to them. They are in the factor boxes and sealed.



Thank you! He has the new 770G. If your supplies will fit with that we would be thrilled to have them

I also use the 770 plus cgm. I am in Medicare and Medtronic sensors are not covered. However Medtronic now has a program for people whose insurance will not cover the sensors—whether that’s Medicare or some other insurance. They will sell you sensors for $60/box of five. There is a special phone number you call. Go to the Medtronic Diabetes website. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Medtronic Access Programs. Maybe he will qualify.

Thank you. We will check. The problem is that he has coverage but it is 50% so his cost is $300 per month. That makes no sense that he has to pay that much with insurance coverage but $60 without insurance coverage