Pump Supplies - Surprised, but not shocked

I recently switched to getting my test strips through a 3rd  party DME vendor. They said they could send me my strips with no co-pay when my pharmacy always dinged me for a $25 fee.  After a couple of months of receiving test strips and getting no bill, I reconfirmed that I did not owe them anything and that they were being paid.  So far so good.

I still wasn't sure and being the skeptic that I am I check out their web cite and found that they also offered Medtronic Infusion supplies. OK, let's see.


I called them and they said, "sure, we just need a prescription from your doctor.  We'll take care of it." I asked how much they charge for the supplies and based on my insurance their price was $20.00 - my 20% of my 80/20 co-pay insurance.  I suggested that is too low and somehow incorrect.  I was informed that they are OK with 5% over what the insurance company pays them -- while Medtronic takes the full 20%.


Since I have always bought directly from Medtronic I was very surprised -- not shocked.  Of course I called Medtronic to beef about such practices and was politely told that was their policy.  I was told they do offer financial assistance if you are unemployed, make less than X , and so forth and so on.


So, if you are paying full price to Medtronic, you may want to shop around!


I'm hoping you will tell me who this supplier is.  Thanks.

That would be wise ... in this case it is SurePoint Medical ... but I am NOT advocating their use ... they work for me with my insurance.

I also get my supplies from SurePoint Medical. I pay $20 for three months worth of supplies. This includes lancets, testing strips, and I got a Onetouch Ultramini for free. I was also a little skeptical at first, but they are legit and mail everything to you every 3 months free shipping. I was also worried that I would run out of supplies for the amount but the strip containers they send me for the Onetouch actually holds 50 in a bottle instead of the usual 25 per bottle that I bought from my pharmacy.

ALSO I had a question because I am currently considering a pump because even though I have been diabetic for 8 years all of a sudden for the past two months I have been having either crazy lows or crazy highs and it has been very frustrating. My doctor thinks it will help keeping it back to the better control I had before. And I haven't changed any diet or anything. My issue is expenses, i'm currently on a tight budget (hince the doing the mailed supplies). I have blue cross blue shield but i'm afraid of how much it could actually cost out of pocket. Is it expensive?