Pump supplies

Can anyone recommend a pump supply house for TSlim? We use CCS Medical, but continually have coordination issues getting prescriptions renewed and on file. Part of the problem is the doctor’s office, but CCS isn’t helping. My son will be due for an order, but the prescription needs to be renewed. Doctor’s office says they sent, CCS says they didn’t receive, then they say they did receive but don’t ship the supplies complete and order disappears from the system. Call back and CCS says there is another issue with the doctor’s office, doctor’s office said they have no information on their side and it’s an endless loop. I’d say this happens 2-3 times per year, which just gets annoying. Maybe that’s the deal managing a chronic illness, but if anyone has a good routine working with a supply house would appreciate the feedback.


I just started with CCS Medical because of a change in insurance coverage. I had the same type of confusion with my first order. I’ll see how things go with my next order.