Pump supply cost hurts

I’m trying very hard to stay with the Medtronic pump but the supplies are wiping me out. I don’t qualify for discounts (right on the edge). Now supply is low! Any ideas. I really need to get some quick set paradigms!!

You might try these people…or sometimes there are others on the site with supplies to donate.

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Is the Mio Infusion set ok as well? I have some boxes that are sealed but close to expire, instead of throwing them away(because I can’t use them all before the exp date) I may be able to send you some. Not sure if that’s ok with you, just want to help. Also, they are pink, 18in 6mm canula.


Have you contact your doctor and/or the person who trained you on the pump? They often have samples that they can provide you to hold you over until you can get more supplies. If you haven’t already, give them a try!

Pam K
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Check with your rep to review your insurance coverage (you can call your insurance on your own but from first hand experience this is best left to the pros) - some supplies are now covered under pharmacy benefits rather than durable medical which might help. I don’t know about Medtronic but it’s worth a shot.