Pump tubing

I have got a great idea for a coffee table book for diabetics!


Photos of insulin tubing knots.  If I've got pajamas with no pockets, then my pump just lies next to me while I'm sleeping.  The next morning, it's often tied up into some of the more elaborate knots you've ever seen.  I don't like the belt clips, so I always wear my pump in my pockets, and there, too, does the tubing tend to take on a life of its own.  Maybe 45 seconds to unwind the knots.  (They're not so tight as to kink the hose and cause occlusion.)  Sometimes, even, I give up on trying to thread the pump through the loops, and disconnect the body-end and try to fix the kinks that way.


So anyways, I thought a collection of photographs of the craziest, naturally occurring knots would make for an interesting book to leaf over.  Like trying to undo a 100-foot extension cord, but maybe not THAT bad!


It's probably easier to pull off as a website rather than a book, but who knows!

Hi Brian - Sounds like an interesting idea! I also let my pump lie wherever when I'm sleeping, but I have yet to wake up with tubing in knots. I'm starting to wonder how you sleep :P I'm curious to see these intriguing knots - post a picture!

~ Anna

That sounds like a cool idea...except that my tubing has never gotten knotted to that extent.  haha.  I guess the length of the tubing also matters, because I usually just keep mine tucked in my pants.  But yeah, definitely post pictures!  There must be some other knotty/naughty pumpers out there! :P

No knots here. Sarah sleeps with her pump clipped to the front of her pajama shorts. She did rip out the tube (ouch!) last week when she went to get her backpack after school and somehow got the tube caught on the hanger. That was fun...

Ah, yes. Pump knots. My favorite is the "figure eight" knot where you just stare at it and wonder "how in the hell did that happen?" I pretty much always have to unhook from the site in order to de-knot myself. I'm not a wiggler, but I still get knots from time to time. Now, when I sleep, I toss and turn all over the place. If I'm wearing bottoms of some sort, I'll clip the pump to them, but it's not always comfortable. When the pump is left to wander freely during the night, I'll wind up with craziness in the tubing, but it's not usually enough to occlude it or get a "no delivery" alarm. 

Never had this problem. :)

Do post a pic. I would love to see what kind of nots you get. :P

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Never had this problem. :)

Do post a pic. I would love to see what kind of nots you get. :P


Me either. I always have my pump clipped to my pocket or clipped inside my pocket.

Oh it figures, no knots yesterday or today, right after I start mentioning it.  I will upload a shot next time it occurs!