Pump updating

I'm interested in getting an update on my pump, right now I have the paradigm 512, and I have realized that it does not do specifically what my doc and I were hoping it would do.

My doc wanted to save all of my sugars on the pump. To save the sugars, as I understand it on the new minimed models, the pump saves all of the bg readings sent through the bolus wizard. However the 512 only saves sugars if insulin is taken, it will not save your lows, your highs, or carb intake if no insulin is administered.

I'm hoping I'm just doing something wrong, but I do think that it is the pump's software that is not allowing me to save my non insulin accompanied sugars.

Does anyone have any information about this and what I might try doing on my end or on the getting a newer pump end?



I passed your query along without any of your information to my local MM rep and she responded with the following:


“First of all if he/she has a 512 they most likely are close to their warranty date expiring which means they can get a new 522 sensor augmented pump.


Pumps have a 4 year warranty. If they don't know exactly how long they have had their current model they can call their Medtronic rep (like me :)) and get the exact date.


If this individual sees a Dr. in Cleveland it's likely that I'm the contact so feel free to pass my info along.


Secondly, as for the BG's...yes, the # must be "acted" on in the bolus wizard in order for it to store in the pump. With the newer 522 pump and the Onetouch Ultra Link Meter however that is not the case... any BG that is "beamed" over is stored.


Another good tool is Carelink..in which case the pump and meter can both be uploaded into the same web-based, free program.


Hopefully this is clear...”


I hope this is useful.  If you want her contact information, let me know and I will pass it along offline.  She has always been a fantastic and trustworthy resource for me.






Thank you so much, that is very helpful and exactly what I was hoping for!

I've got to go through my insurance case manager in order to get the update, but I should be able to. I don't think I have reached warranty- my pumps have had a history of dieing, motor death and such. but they seem to be good at hooking me up if it is called for.

I'll keep you up to date.

Well It turns out that i'll have to wait until July for the new pump , but I guess I can wait.