Pump vs. Pen

I've had diabetes for over 2 years now. Originally, I started out on insulin pens, after about 9 months I switched to an Mini-Med insulin pump. I'm now wavering on going back to insulin pens because the pump & where the infusion set site is are very noticeable sometimes. I'm trying to get peoples opinions on how they feel about pump vs. pens & if they find one to be better than the other. Thanks for your opinions!


I used pens for several years but have been pumping for 18 months.  I like my pump best.  Now I don't have to excuse myself to go "shoot up" when eating out, or business lunches, receptions, etc.  What a pain that was, not knowing where the bathrooms were, and if it was a formal occasion (suit and tie), what a pain to undo all of that stuff to "shoot up" and then have to tuck in my shirt again.   Control has been good on both, so for me it is strictly a personal prefrence, not a medical necessity issue.  These are just my thoughts.  Good luck making your decision.