Pump vs Shots - Which Do You Prefer and Why?

We ran an article on Diabetes News Hound today about a study that found using an insulin pump is slightly better than taking multiple daily shots. You can check it out here: Insulin Pumps Slightly Better Than Shots: Study

I personally prefer shots. I tried the pump and went back to shots because I dislike how the pump connects to my body. I'm clumbsy and kept yanking the tubing out accidentally. Which do you prefer -- the pump or shots -- and why?


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i prefer the pump because i don't like having to always carry around supplies with me (insulin, syringes). i like just being able to have my blood testing kit in my purse and that's it.

pump, all the way..

no shots (well one every 3 days)!

I prefer the pump as well. In my opinion, having something attached to my hip 24/7 is a small price to pay for better health.

I way prefer the pump more.  I hated taking shots everytime I had to eat.  It was painful and I felt like I was tied down more than I do on the pump.

I have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes for a little over 3 years.  So far all I know is taking shots.  I have been successful with maintaining good numbers and controlling my diabetes this way so far and I am very comfortable with the process.  I also fear having a pump pulled out in my line of work and don't look forward to having to learn a new system with a pump.  So to answer the question, I prefer shots.

hey jason, it's very possible to have excellent blood sugars using both methods of treatment. it's good you recognize what's best for you and stick with what you like. pumps will always be out there should you ever choose to try one out.

i'm with jason...shots all the way...successfully! I did a trial of a pump, just to see if i'd like it better, and it turned out that having the pump made me feel as if i was actually sick  because i was connected to something all the time. I guess with shots, i just do it and i'm done with it. ...who knows though, like C said, the pump will always be there if i want to go back :)

Shots for 23 years - no pump

Injections for me.  No worries about damage to the pump, pulling out the site, or anything else; shots just work better.

It seems those of us that are more physically active tend to prefer shots..  For me it is more than just because I am physically active.  I truly can not stand having something attached to my body at ALL times.  True, I have to carry around a pen/needle or two but its over and done with.  Not to mention, I am pretty private so I like the fact that nobody has a clue I am T1 unless I have told them...... 

I just got back on my pump after a month long pump vacation I must say I loved not feeling "connected" but at the same time the pump is great because you have more flexibility . Im a pumper and an injecter its great knowing now I have the choice

Thank you for all the great replies, once again I see that it is an individual thing and we will see what happens when Emily has a chance to try one.  Just 2 mos. into her being diagnosed we are doing shots- 2 or 3 per day.  She hates the morning dose because it is a large shot 32 at the smallest with NPH and NOVALOG... we tried a port for the injection site for a couple of days and the port failed on the second day- the cannula bent some how (maybe defective) so we learned very quickly what it would be like to have a pump fail... her numbers went off the chart to where her monitor could not even read them... talk about stress!!! All better after a couple of days now.

At the age of 10 I think she can decide what she wants and we will try everything she wants at least once.


Thanks again for all the input!!

I preder pump lol

It took me 2 years to get the pump didnt think i would like the tubing now i got it and love it lol

Its soo much better then 4 shots a day.
1 shot every 3 days and i dont even feel it!!

Love it!!

I am getting hooked up to the pump on the 1st Feb.

For me personally, although I am very careful I don’t want needles around since i have a very inquisitive little boy who gets into everything. Also from what I understand the flexibility of the pump is a key feature as you’re not tied to set meal times. Being able to switch the pump off for when I am going into business meetings or going for a run/ride/gym is a plus. If I was still playing Rugby League which is a full contact sport I would not (obviously) use the pump but since I am not playing any more but am still active the pump might be good.

I am reasonable at carb counting so I am pretty good with shots and don’t mind them much at all but I am going to see how I go with the pump with. 


I first had a pump in 2000... long story short the pump got recalled and I stayed with shots until May of last year... before that time I was very open about my dislike of the pump (I had many of the same reasons other people have already listed... didn't like something "attached" to me, one time while I was performing on stage my pump fell off in the middle of a scene... things like that) 
I think it's easy to say that pump technology has improved immensely since 2000 and now I couldn't imagine managing my diabetes any other way.  It's much more convenient and I don't have to "pause" to inject which makes parenting my 5-month old much easier.