Pump, water and an upgrade


Over 4th of July weekend I wore my pump on a raft out on the lake, thinking that as long as I made sure I didn't drop it in, or submerge it, everything would be ok since they told me that it was water resistant after deciding it wasn't water proof like they originally said. That was awhile ago, but since I never received this new update until calling them to get a replacement pump sent, I thought I'd let everyone else know. Anyways, the person from the helpline informed us that they have discovered that as a pump "ages" the plastic can get little fissures in it and even the smallest amounts of water can break it. She told us that even sweat can break it if you wear the pump close to your skin while exercising. Needless to say, my pump will now remain in the house when I'm on the lake =P

Also, since it was out of warranty, I'll be upgrading to the revel pump. I haven't really figured out what the differences between the revel and the paradigm are. Does anyone else know? Thanks

I think one of the differences is that the reservoir is bigger, but I can't swear to that.

This link has the basics about Paradigm features  www.minimed.com/.../features

I killed my pump in the pool last summer.  I was in shallow water but my son jumped on me and I dunked for a few seconds.  Minimed gave me the same explanation, that the plastic gets small cracks over time.   Thought I could just be careful around water but I won't make that mistake again.    

oh man...my daughters is coming up for replacement! I'm so going to check into this.