Hey guys i need some help my mom believes that if i get a pump that i will use it as a new pancreas. I have problem with my diabetes that's because i can't resist temptations to eat foods i shouldn't. But i want to prove to my mom that i can be responsible to use the pump any ideas on how to prove to her?

Your mom may have some misconceptions about the pump.  There's a good book that you and your mom should read called "Pumping Insulin" by John Walsh.  See if your library has it or if you can get one online.  

You are human, so you will be tempted to eat unhealthy foods.  My guess is that your mom probably sometimes eats "foods she shouldn't" herself.  A restricted diet used to be the norm for diabetics, but that changed about 20 years ago when diabetics started carb counting and matching insulin to the food eaten.  

A pump is an awesome tool to manage your blood sugar and have flexibility eating.  Not only can you cover formerly forbidden foods better, but you also have flexibility to eat later or skip meals.  Best of all, with a pump you use less insulin a day and most people have fewer lows and better overall control.   What I like best about a pump is that it feels like I'm controlling my diabetes, instead of being controlled by it.

I understand both sides of the problem because i have been on the pump for 2-3 years so far and i did go through a period where I abused the power of the pump, but its true we are only human and we have a tendency to want what we can't. Talk to your doctors about it but i like to see the pump now as it allows me to eat what i want with a better capability to control the effects of it , so now nothing is really restricted so i tend to desire/crave them less along as use give yourself the correct insulin for it and yes i still do have times where i have something i shouldn't have but we are only human we make mistakes but just talk about with with your doctors and parents so your all on the same page and how best to help you.

Good luck