My daughter is just starting on the pump, she is 6. She loves to ear dresses, how can she wear a dress with the wire & the pump? Any suggestions??? 

this is not my specialty =) but I wanted to help so here goes:

i have heard that some ladies sew a special pocket inside the dress.

there is an arm/leg band that holds the pump under the dress - check with your pump supplier but the minimed athletic band/holsters/accessories is here   http://www.minimed.com/mmStore/application?origin=main_category_view.jsp&event=bea.portal.framework.internal.portlet.event&pageid=Products&portletid=Products&wfevent=sub_category_view.event&wlcs_catalog_category_key=2-PA-PARA 

good luck!

i had to figure out how to wear my pump under a dress in a couple days. i dont have any fanypockets or straps so i haad to get creative. i couldnt put it in my bra because it made a bump, i couldnt put it anywhere that the dress would be around me because it was a tighter fitting dress...

this is what i did: i have a belt that i can put a pouch on. the belt and pouch is made by minimed. i tried putting the belt and pouch on my upper leg on the inside but a bit at the front. that made a bump in the dress. i took the pouch off and put the pump on my leg where it was when i had the pouch on. then i shortened the belt a lot and strapped it over my pump. i tucked in the hanging part of the belt so it wouldnt show.  that worked for me and it didnt slip down or anything

im not sure how much a 6 year old would like it though because:

1. i had it on very tightly and i had it on for maybe 5 hours and at the end of those 5 hours it was ppainful

2. pumps are made in 1 size. what is small for an adult might be huge for a 6 year old and having it between your legs might feel wierd

3. you have to reach under you dress to get to it then lift it up to get it back on.

4. it could slip.

5. it can be annoying when going to th bathroom. when its on you upper leg, there is always the possibility it could slip and fall into the toilet...


oh, what a girl will do for beauty!

My daughter is 11 and has been on the pump since April, she just wears a pair of shorts under her dress.  We had to go and buy some short shorts but it works great!  I have also been told to get a baby sock and saftey pin it on the inside.  We use the short's also for night shirts.  I hope this helps.


I wear a pair of shorts.


A few years ago i found out that a company called Pumppal made velcro belts made of soft materials with a pocket on them. Their websites name is www.insulinpumpfashions.com . Hope this helps!

Oh yes the little girl and her dress. i faced this issue with my daughter too. I recently found a GREAT place that make pump pouches to your specifications and they are pretty cheap, well made and ship very fast. angelbearpumpstuff.com . I have ordered several for my daughter and they work much better than the one from Minimed we tried. You have to check it out but you pick your style, your fabric give them her waist size and you'll have it in about a week. check it out, my daughter loves when I let her pick a new one! We have tried other things but these pouches seem t o work the best. Plus if they get dirty I just drop them in the wash and they come out like new.

I have the Omni-Pod and it is tube-less.  The pod with the insulin adheres to the skin - it is about 2 inches long (the next run of pods is supposed to be about 40% smaller.)  The PDM is a handheld device that you carry with you - you do not have to attach it to anything - it has to be within a few inches of the pod in order activate a new pod or deliver boluses but other than that it doesn't have to be near you. 

If you have an opportunity to change in the future, the Omni-Pod has been fantastic for me!  Seems with children it would also be very beneficial since there are no tubes to get tangled everywhere.

I hope I don't sound unsympathetic to your question - I'm just so happy with my pump that I'm putting it out here everywhere!  :o)