Anyone here have experience with an insulin pump involving athletics? I work in a prison and am pretty active and though when I was initially dioagnosed my Dr. recommended me eventually getting a pump I am a bit cautious.  I fear it being ripped out for one. Also, I have been doing great with my blood sugars and A1C's.

I only run, so I leave my pump clipped to my waistline.

I thought your post said, "I'm in prison..." and I was quite surprised. Its a good thing I went back and re-read that.

Lol on the prison thing.

I have always had decent a1c's but my control was erratic. The pump got me balanced better sugar wise. As for working out and all, I do most things without fear with my pump attached. However, as of late I switched to putting the infusion set on my arms. Due to tubing length I worry that some of the exercises i.e. pull ups would tear the infusion set out, so I would hold off on those until I move the site again. Otherwise, things have gone well. I have only had one Ultimate Frisbee related pull out. 

With the pump and sports...fast paced or violent ones, I disconnect my pump because it's either going to get ripped out or fall off and get trampled. If you do that you just have to test your bloodsugar often to make sure that it doesn't skyrocket

Hey Jason,

I've been using a pump for just over 3 years now, and I am and have been very active with it. I used to always disconnect during any activity due to fears of catching my tubing, however I have set a new goal of control for myself and have been keeping it in for the past couple of months to try to avoid unnecessary highs. Throughout lifting, running, workout classes, and softball I have not caught the tubing (knock on wood). I use compression shorts I had when I played football and I tuck the pump into the hip pads pockets.I can say that the pump will only increase your already good control, and if you're worry about catching the tubing is the biggest fear you have I'd suggest at least trying one out.

ps. The only time I've ever torn my site out completely is on a door nob as I walked by it, and that's cause I was stupid and didn't tuck the tubing back in after I reconnected. It happened so quickly it didn't really hurt - just scared the hell out of me!

Hey Jason, I have had a pump for almost 3 years now. I play soccer so when I play I take it off. I run and exercise with it on though. I just make sure it is clipped on securley. I haven't ever ripped my site out (yet) but I have gotten the tubing caught on some things. I have also dropped it and it kind of bounced and pulled on my site but it didn't come out. The only time it has ever came out was when I was boogie boarding at the beach.