Pumpers :how many years after dianosis

how long did anyone on a pump have to wait to use it. i was diagnosed may 31st 2007(5pm) and i about to go on the pump. so about 2 1/2 years later. who waited longer and who got theirs sooner?


1 year!

I'm starting in 8 days, which will be 7 months.

I'm starting in November, so just under 2 years. I can't wait :)

I started on a pump about 10 months after being diagnosed.

I started on a pump in 1995 six years after diagnosis.

I started on a pump 12 1/2 to 13 years after diagnosis due to my own lack of knowledge about the pump and the fact that it would make life easier. I knew about it, but I was confused not to mention not ready to change. I like the routine I was using. Literally, for probably about the last 11 years my routine did not change. My insulin requirements barely changed and I was content letting what happened happen.

About two months after DX i was on the pump

I got DX at age 30 though ..



This will throw your statistics off! I waited for 52.5 years after diagnosis before I started the pump. Of course, during most of that time there simply were no pumps. I've been pumping for 14 years, and my control has been so much better with the pump. It's never too late to start the pump.

10 years.  I was diagnoses 16+ years ago.  Got my pump 6 years ago.  Upgraded to the CGMS and newer minimed pump last November.

My daughter was diagnosed in Jan of this year and started the CGMs 2 months post DX and the pump 6 months post DX.

i got mine 4 months after d-x

2-3 years :P

I just started the pump a few months ago. I have been diabetic for 9.5 years.

I have been diagnosed 1 month and I am trying to get the pump but not sure it will be beneficial to me yet. I am only taking 2 shots a day of Humalog and maybe starting on Levemier at night soon. The price of my part is kind of high for me right now so I may have to wait a bit to afford it. Any suggestions as far as it being beneficial to me considering I am so new to this and taking only 5-7 units of insulin a day? Should I wait or will it make a big difference?

I waited only 4 months after being diagnosed this past March. I love my OmniPod!!

21 years, but once I found out about them I had one within 6 months. My daughter is also T1 and she had one within 3 months of her diagnosis. In my opinion, if a pump is for you then the sooner the better.

your doing great a pump is a big thing you should talk to your endo about it and when you come around one of the best pumps i have used is the animas ping. :)

well i take anywhere from 4 shots of novalog a day to 10 shots of novalog a day. and lantus at night so i think the pump would help me alot

Crazy how much the treatment of diabetes has changed in the last 10 years.  From the replies it seems pumps are the like immediate go-to after diagnosis these days.

I got mine 1.5 years after diagnosis.