Pumping for coffee

I recently spoke with another diabetic on a pump that had high blood sugar readings after a cup of coffee. Many times like today I don’t feel like eating anything early but have a cup of coffee and some days my sugar goes high but others it doesn’t if I only pump for cream.

Any of you pump extra for caffeine?

Yes. Caffeine can resist glucose, and I’ve found that decaf does as well. I had to experiment a bit to dermine the carb count I needed to use, even though there are few or no carbs in the actual drink. Don’t forget to include creamer of you use it.

I think it is more the natural rise in glucose in the morning than the coffee. I have a rise most mornings even before I wake up. I could test by not having coffee in the morning but then I would die!! (just teasing)


On my case it is the caffeine, but results may vary from person to person.

I always have to give insulin in the morning with coffee. And I drink it black!