Pumps and gaining weight

I was just wondering if most everybody gains weight when they switch to the pump.. and if so, how much???

I've gained about 20 lbs since going on the pump, but the doctors think its cause I've been low so much, at least twice a day. so we're changing things so I don't go low as much. and I've already started losing weight

I've never heard of gaining weight when you go on a pump.  I know I didn't gain any.

I don't think I gained much weight.  I actually had to eat less, but I switched about 9 years ago when I could choose NPH (horrible) or the pump.


People gain weight if they are too aggressive with their insulin doses and go low a ton, so be careful not to overdo it.  The major reason though, is that you can eat pretty much whenvere you want, pretty much however much you want with just the push of a button.  i had to relearn how to control myself - before I was tied to a schedule, and ate a certain amount based not on if I was hungry, but on how much I had to eat at that time each day.  Now, well, I eat too much.

Hi Lindsay,

The pump itself does not have any factor in the weight gain. However, insulin does promote fat growth in the injection site. Therefore, if you don't rotate your injection or pump sites, you will see a tendency to build up fat in that area. Since I put my site all around my abdomen, I use it as an excuse for why I don't have washboard abs! haha

Hope this helps

I actually LOST weight.  I have been on the pump for 6 months and have lost 12 lbs and counting!  When I was on MDI, I was using about 45 units/day. Now I use approx. 27/day.  Insulin is the major fat-building hormone of the body, so the less you use the better for weight loss. I used to go low a lot and then have to eat ++ to fix it. So the combination of less insulin and less calories has been the cause of the loss. I'm not complaining!

I never gained weight and initially lost weight when I started on the pump because I didn't feel like I was being forced to eat all the time. If you continue your same eating habits now as when you use the pump, your weight will remain stable. It all has to do with calories in vs calories out.

I lost weight too. I was able to eat significantly less on the pump. I stopped visiting a dietitian completely because they kept trying to put me on 2,000+ calorie diet at the age of 12. I lost about 15 lbs. on the pump! I was also less worried about exercising and having my BG drop on the pump, so I became more active.