Pumps During Exercise

During exercise, although mainly during running, my pump falls out of my pants pockets which pulls on the site. Any suggestions on what you do with pumps during exercise?



Get one of them zip pockets and zip it halfway :)

being a girl is good at this point if you want to get a sports bra and stick it where you feel comfortable on that it works. i would stick it on the side.

do you have the clip on that works or sometimes i stick in my bra that works too.


Yes, I do have a clip for my pump. However, one thing I have noticed with that is (wearing sweat-pants kind of a material while exercising) it sometimes slips off. The only pockets I've found that hold the pump well is jeans; if only :)

Thanks for all the ideas, everyone. It's been a really big help.

Clips don't work for me either... they slide when I run, which is my usual method of exercising :)  However, recently I've been going low while exercising, so I just take off the pump for three hours (I exercise for one hour) since I set up my temp basal for 0 units.  Anyway, if you do find a method that works for you, please post it.  I'd love to hear it in case there comes a time where I have to put on my pump again during workouts :)

Take care!!!!!!!!!

i disconnect while exercising most of the time especially running which almost always causes my blood sugar to drop. So i don't need it in anyways

I actually disconnect while I run.  I typically don't need that extra basal insulin during exercise: it lowers my levels so much.

I'm sure it's on a case by case basis though.

While I am running, I usually stick my pump in my pockets (I have workout pants with the zippers on the pockets and I zip it up about 3/4 of the way).

Hope that helps!! :)

Have you heard of the SPIbelt?


I just received mine last week. It is not big, and fits snug(so it doesn't bounce around). It might work out well for your pump! I know a lot of people have used it for their pumps(if you go to the 'Community' tag scroll down to 'Diabetic' and read peoples reviews there as well).

Hope this helps!