Pumps & Tricare?

Cadence goes to Vanderbilt on Monday the 2nd for her pump class where she will try them out & order one if we decide to go that route. My husband, Cadence & I have talked it over & we do want to go the pump route. I have called Tricare to check on pumps & coverage & they have given me 2 answers: since the pump is considered DME it is covered 100% & another rep. told me she was not able to tell me anything with out an insurance code. So I was wondering if anyone HAS gotten a pump with Tricare Prime? We are debating between the Ping & Paradigm. Any info would be great!

I do not have any advice on the insurance question but wanted you to know that we love Emmies ping.  The biggest feature that I love is the meter that is also a remote.  She will check her blood and run off to eat with her friends at a party and I do not have to go over to her and ask for her pump or make her come back.  I can just bolus her from the meter.  It has helped make her diabetes a little less public and made her feel a little more normal.  When we were researching the different pumps I found that they were all pretty great and it really came down to features, for her age and how active our family is this small feature has made a huge differance.  Good luck with the insurance!

-Meg (Emmies mom, diagnosed 10/29/09 at age 4)