Ok, I'm just curious. what kind of pumps do people have? And, how long have you had them? I have a nipro amigo and have had it since september

i'm on my second pump.  about 6 years total.  they're both minimed purple pumps, the new one i got a year ago Paradigm 722 with my cgms.  i love it!  i didn't know about so many other types until juvenation...now i have options for when this warranty is up, though!

Blue Ping. Had a Grey Medtronic 722 though.

Right now I have a Medtronic/Minimed 712. I do not like it. It is a dated pump and it doesn't have a square bolus option which I need. I have been using a pump off and on over the past 15 years. I had to stop for a couple a years when I didn't have insurance.

I have a pink Onetouch Ping. I've had it since the end of July.

I have a green One Touch Ping and I've had it for 2 months now.  I've had some issues with pumping but no issues so far with the ping!


Medtronic Minimed Paradigm 522 with a CGM.  Works great. Had a Paradigm since 2003, got the CGM and upgraded to the 522 in 2007.

I have a Deltec Cozmo with the attached glucose monitoring device.  I started it in December of '05, and got a replacement this past June when it died on my wedding day.  (Not kidding!)

girl yea you are correct and yea it sucks sometimes but then you realize this is your life and if you want a guy to pick you like diabetes picked you, you will fall in love with your illness to.

girl im about the same with my pump but have had three so far