What kinda pump is best to use ???

Well, I just got started on the OmniPod, and so far I love it! I'm sorta new to the pump side but I guess it depends on your lifestyle.  What you think will be best for you, most of the pumps that I've seen have been great!

Yeah, i looked at the Omnipod and it looks amazing! I've only looked at about 3 pumps and its kinda like choosing a car. haha

Ya I know how you feel! It can be a tough choice.  With my parents insurance if I didn't like my pump choice I could return it for a full refund and choose a different pump.  Do you have a facebook, I'm on that more often if you need more advice on the Pod.

There really are only 3 pump options:

OmniPod (tubeless, cheaper)

MiniMed (most common, approved my most insurance companies, more infusion set options)

One Touch Ping (similar to MiniMed & also has carb counter in the remote)

Best thing you can do is contact each company.  OmniPod will send a free sample.  Minimed and Ping will tell you about demo sessions or have a sales person meet with you.  

Everyone seems to like something different.  Thought the idea of OmniPod was good, but the sample was larger than I expected and adhesive bothered my skin.  Even though MiniMed has tubling, I rarely notice it.  

There's a good book called "Pumping Insulin" by John Walsh.  It's older and doesn't mention much about OmniPod, but the book has great general info.

There are a few feature differences between them. I didn't mind the tubing with the Minimed. I also thought the Omnipod was kind of large and was worried that it would bulge out of my clothes. I would call the reps and see who you like and get along with. I had great service with Medtronic/minimed.

Actually, when you wear the Pod you can't even tell that its there, and its waterproof!.  So, you don't have to disconnect it when you take a shower or go swimming.  If the adhesive bothers your skin you can get a patch to put under the Pod so your skin doesn't become irritated.  Insulet Co.'s new model, which is in the approval process of the FDA, will be smaller and have a continuous glucose monitoring system built in; and you will be upgraded for free.

The remote to the pump has a built in glucose meter so you don't have to carry around a separate one.  Unfortunately, the PDM (the remote to the Pod) is NOT waterproof.  I was told to treat it like it was a cell phone, keep it near  you and away from water.  It has a bolus calculator and a food library that has the carb listing for many different foods, you can also customize the library to suit your needs.

If for some reason you lose the PDM, one would be shipped overnight to you at your expense of $500.  During that time it would continue to give you your basal insulin dose; however, you would not be able to bolus.  If a Pod malfunctions then all you do is take it off and put a new one on (you get a three month supply).  

I absolutely love my OmniPod!  I work in the kitchen of a four diamond resort and I was worried that the tubing on other pumps would snag on different items in the kitchen.  The Pod solved all my worries; I HIGHLY recommend it!!!

I;m about to start on the Animas Ping, hopefully by the end of this week :)  I was thinking of going the omnipod route, but I Live in Canada, and it isn't licenced for distribution in the Province I live in yet.   I ewnt with Animas because I really like the idea of the pump being waterproof... and they also have GREAT customer service :)

Matt- yeah i am.. Allissa Cowan. You can look me  up (:

For everybody- I really appreciate your help!! It's great to have people to talk to about this kinda stuff that  ACTUALLY know what they're talking about! I'll let you know what i end up getting !

I personally would like to have the One Touch Ping, but as of right now, Insurance won't pay for it bc my BG's are too high:((

I have had the minimed pump by medtronics for over 3 years and it's pretty great! You can order "skins" for it (a sticker shaped to fit around the outside of the pump) in all kinds of different colors and designs or you can even create your own!! I have a pretty cool one right now and i like the pump all in all... (: