Hey Ive been thinking about getting a pump latley but I can't decide which kind or brand to get. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Hey there.. I cant speak of other pumps because I havent dealt with any except paradigm 715- my son has used it for 4 yrs now. He is only 7- he got it when he was 3 and we like it. We do not like the sensor that goes with it though. We do not use that. It depends on what features you are looking for and your age matters too. Whatever your circumstances, good luck in managing this difficult disease!

     When I was making my decision about which pump to use, I did so much research.  I finally chose the Omnipod and am so happy with it.  The other which I was considering was the One Touch Ping.  The Omnipod works well for me and I've had no major issues with it so far.  The customer service is wonderful.  There has always been someone to speak with whenever I've called, and all the reps seem to have a great deal of knowledge of the product.  It was a tough decision; but, for me at least, I think I've made the right decision.

I've also been doing my research about which pump I want.

My father is on an older version of an animas pump for quite a few years now. He never has problems with it and their customer service is also really great.

For me though, I have been looking into the One Touch Ping because of the remote capabilities. My biggest problem is the fact that I do my injections in my stomach and I love to wear dresses. So when I'm out somewhere I have to go into the bathroom to do my insulin which I normally don't do if I'm wearing a shirt and pants. Being able to administer my insulin "wirelessly" would be such a big help.

One thing that I can suggest is to come up with some things that are inconvenient for you as far as being diabetic. Then look at each pump option and see what solves most of those issues for you. Things such as, will the tubing annoy you if it's hanging at your waist at all times, if so look into the omnipod which is completely tube free, though it is slightly thicker than some of the other options. 

There are other factors that I found this website to be very helpful for  http://www.diabetesnet.com/diabetes_technology/insulin_pump_models.php

Also, talk to your endo. and see what they think about each pump. Make sure you go knowing a little about what you want and like because it shows that you are really ready for a pump!

Hey Kayo,

I did a blog post on comparing pumps you can check it out here: http://www.healthcentral.com/diabetes/c/28524/64423/insulin-pump

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Hey Ive been thinking about getting a pump latley but I can't decide which kind or brand to get. Does anyone have a suggestion?


It mostly depends on what you want out of pump... In country where I live we have just 3 pump to choose from (Minimed, Roche/Accu-Chek and Dana)...

Out of this 3 Minimed is the best, it has CGMS capability, Bolus wizard, PC connection. Roche has no Bolus Wizard and no CGMS capability (at least Spirit doesn't) and Dana II has no PC connection...

But for example both Dana and Roche have come out with new version, Dana has this wonderful active remote control (you can see what is happening on pump or meassure BG with it and control pump) and now also connection to PC, Roche's new version (I don't know if these are sold yet), has connection and control through One Touch Meter (don't know which, but I would speculate that something like OT Smart/Ping)...

We don't have Animas in out country, but if we had this would be my choice... but since we don't have Animas, next best choice is Minimed, although I must say that their remote control is useless, since you still have to look at pump to set correct values and see what is happening. I hope that next version of Minimed, will also have some REAL remote control....

You need to know what you want out of pump, and then research this for each pump... I would advise, visiting sale's rep for this companies, to get to know pumps better.


Hey everyone...

this is a great site for pump explanation and comparison...hope it helps! just use the headings to switch between Basics, Comparisons, etc. This is also a great site overall for diabetes education as well. Check it out! (if I sound like a fan, it's because the man who runs this groups was my CDE until I moved out of the Philly area, and he's fantastic)



Hey thanks that was very helpful =D

Hey Kayo,

I have the Omnipod..It's a wireless pump that you wear on you and has a controller that doubles as a meter and food log as well as bg log and insulin delivery log. I've had it for two years and I love it.. You should check it out and ask if you can try one on for a few days.. I hated the idea of wearing tubes all the time and this is the only pump that I know of that doesn't have tubes.

Good luck on finding the right one!


Hey thanks for all the help everyone and now i have narrowed it down to three pumps. The One Touch Ping, the Accu-Chek Spirit, or the Omnipod! I have a diabetes doc apointment so im gonna discuss it with him. Thanks gouys!! =D

Hi !

When you talk with your Roche/Accu-chek representative, ask him about Combo pump. It has quite similar context as Ping. It has special Meter, with which you can add different data and control pump.



Thanks for all the help everyone =D I chose the one touch ping and im getting it in a week or two. You were all alot of help.

awesome let us all know how you like it!

Great hope it goes well.