Crumbs. I had one for this post... Oh well; I can't remember, but I'll post it anyway.

What parts of diabetes really make you mad? Not 'what annoys you the most,' but the ones that make you want to full-blown punch a wall (or perhaps a pillow... yes, a pillow -- they're softer)? Or at least have something to get mad at or yell at.

well this will sound weird but just being like 200. like it makes me so moody and i get really mean. like i will flip out on my friends for the stupidest, smallest reason. it makes me mad because i think my non diabetic friends will get fed up and not want to take it anymore.... even though i cant really help it.

Oh...I am the opposite of Lara.  I get so mad when I have lows, the kinds that make me feel like a rock and I can't move.  I get so mad b/c I feel like I'm totally helpless at that point.  It's really bad when I'm working b/c I'll be using some power tools and it'll come on suddenly.  I hate being interrupted when I'm totally focused.  Sometimes, it makes me want to kick the set wall down.  But, I try to wear cargo pants so that I'll have pockets to put a granola bar in or if I have my tool belt, I'll put a couple of pieces of hershey kisses in one of the small pockets.  That usually helps.

What makes me mad are those days when I'm just hovering around 200 and no matter what I do I just can't break below that 200 number.  The highs that are really high don't usually make me punch-a-wall/pillow mad (Don't get me wrong, those make me mad too, just not quite that mad.) because I can usually figure out what I did wrong and fix it.  But those days where I'm just sitting around 200 make me want to scream!

what really bugs me is when my blood sugars go nuts for at least one or two days straight. i feel like i have had enough of this and i want to rip out my cannula and just wither away.

The name Diabetes. We share it with another group where the physiology, the treatment, or the severity of the disease is not the same. Even the general age range of those effected are on the OPPOSITE sides of the age scale!!

In all seriousness, we need a different name diabetes, sweet pea, does not adequately define this disease, or stress the difference from type 2, besides the name we share very little in common with.

This, makes me mad. However, I am not the punch the wall type... or the pillow type, well just say 'lectures/yells at boy friend's dad type.'

Okay, first off, I think I should point out the 'punch a wall', or even 'pillow,' is a figure of speech. In no way to I mean it literally; in no way have I ever hit anything out of frustration :) What I mean by this is just those things that are so infuriating it's infuriating because there's nothing you can do. No one you can ask to change it, no one you can yell hard enough or long enough at to make it go away. Does this make sense??

And second, I'd like to agree with stilledlife really quick.

When I'm typing on the computer actually and write 'type 1 diabetes' sometimes I'll accidently hit the 2 key instead of the 1. I actually printed a survey once, 25 copies, where I'd made that mistake. Okay, a few typos are fine but you can't give people a survey about t1 awareness (including the differences between t1 and t2) and write it wrong!