Purchasing insulin online

So, I moved from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania this year. I learned quickly how much worse the healthcare and insurance options are in PA, but that is for another post.

I recently started a new job and the insurance, which doesn’t start until May, is bad. In order to be cost effective, I wanted to find out people’s experiences ordering insulin online from Canada. My other option is simply to head up north and buy in person. However, it would be easier to buy online.

I look forward to hearing people’s experiences.

I suggest you request to join the Looped group on Facebook and search it for “Canada Insulin.” “Robert” has a post that will answer some of your questions. Good luck!

I’ve ordered insulin online, delivered by US mail/other carriers (fedex and UPS) , from US Pharmacies (Expresses scripts) and I’ve had 2 problems in 19 years. the first was frozen insulin because they packed in frozen jell. The second was 110 F insulin delivered without packaging in August. Express Scripts made good on both orders by replacing each order…

I am sorry I can’t help you with “Canadian suppliers” but it sounds like you mean by cash and/or outside the norms of the US drug supply chain and US FDA regulated supply chain integrity. You can take a look at the FDA integrity information here: https://www.fda.gov/Drugs/DrugSafety/DrugIntegrityandSupplyChainSecurity/default.htm

However…As long as they take back skunked insulin, I guess you should be OK.

Thanks for the link to the Facebook group! Now I will just have to rejoin Facebook…

Joe, I understand supply chain safety. The reason I stated Canadian supplier is a cost question. As you know the drug market is controlled in Canada. I’m pretty certain that those with diabetes in Canada can purchase affordable safe Humalog. The question is whether online ordering is as dependable in sourcing and responsiveness as in pharmacy purchases. Out of curiousity, how much do you pay per bottle without insurance via express scripts?

Thanks for the responses!


I understand, . again, my experience with online and mailed insulin has been very good. I just can’t vouch for what non-us retailers do or are required to do. . maybe I should get out more!

costs? ouch, Humalog and Novolog are expensive probably $250 per 10 mL if I had to pay with no benefit. The canada online pharmacy I am looking at has it advertised for $36 Humalog / 10mL

Even though it’s a Canadian pharmacy, if shipping to the USA, you must still provide them an American script as they are shipping to the USA.
If online is advertising 37$ per vial, it is quite reasonable.

If you cross the border, and go to a Pharmacy, you do not require a prescription and the cost is similar. I think I paid around 32$ Canadian which at this point, with the exchange, it comes to about 25$us.

The amount I saved on my last trip paid for my expenses to go to Canada ( I had to go anyway)
A box of pens was about 100 I think. I forgot.
Hope it helps

Thank you so much for everyone’s responses! It makes me feel more confident in my ability to do this after reading about peoples experiences. I still am deciding between mail order or long weekend trips with pharmacy excursions thrown in. The trips might be fun!