Put on your thinking caps...need some creative input!

Hi everyone–I’m hoping some of you are feeling creative today! I need to come up with a name for a program for type 1 patients and their healthcare providers. The purpose of the program is to help patients better manage the transition process from pediatric to adult care. We know that this process is not uniformly managed across the country and this program would help people with type 1 to get the information they need as adolescents, teens and young adults to ultimately manage their care independently (it would cover everything from understanding and managing all aspects of insurance to preparing for college/living independently tomaintenance of treatments). It would be delivered to patients in the provider’s office on an iPad and in just a few minutes, the person with type 1 would have a trackable log of the information he/she needs to know in order to become proficient in a specific areas of diabetes management.
I would love your thoughts on something that’s uplifting and fitting for the program.

I so appreciate your help…