Quad Screen Results... Please Help!

I got the results from my Quad Screen this morning (always a disturbing sign when your doctor calls from her personal cell on her day off…) and my NT ratio is 1/94 and all other results normal. After my initial panic attack I called my doctor back to ask some follow up questions and she told me that the results mean that we have a 1/94 or 1.06% chance of having a neural tube defect, or the stomach not closing properly.  She is a wonderful lady and very sweet, she often calls from her personal number just to check on me and she was very reassuring about the whole thing. Saying that the sensitivities for the test are so high that most likely nothing is wrong, it’s just a precaution to double check.

 I am still freaking out though, I can’t help it. I have my mid-pregnancy anatomy scan ultrasound with maternal-fetal next Tuesday and supposedly they will be able to see if there is any real issue. Worse comes to worse, if there is still a question, I will have to undergo amniocentesis. I am a total wreck!

 Has anybody else ever had results like this? How did they turn out? Should I be as upset as I am? I’m an engineer so math typically soothes me, and the 1.06% is so small… but I’m still panicking. Please help!

Some background:

T1D for 11 years, using a minimed pump, last A1C was 6.4. I came into the pregnancy a bit overweight, already taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid. I suffered a miscarriage on Christmas of last year and a chemical pregnancy back in March.

Hi Rebekah,

I have never heard of any of those screenings but, sending good vibes and prayers your way!! I hope someone else here can help!