Quarantine led to slightly uncontrollable snacking

So since we’ve been put in quarantine, we’ve all been snacking from time to time, haven’t we? I definitely have, and it has gone a bit extreme.

My levels are reaching up to 17.0 mmol/l per day, and I’m getting quite concerned! My telehealth appointment with my endo is quite soon, but still! Does anyone have any tips of how to slow down cravings?


Hi @NoMarshmellowsForMe. I went to the grocery store the other day while I was hungry, and a 6 pack of store made apple cider donuts kept calling my name. I’d never had them before and was intrigued so I broke down and paid $4.00 for a pack even though I knew I’d probably only have a couple before they went stale. Turned out I didn’t even like them that much - thankfully my hubby ate most of them. I just thought I’d share that funny story with you.
I used to snack on all sorts of stuff and loved to engage my sweet tooth, but I’ve fallen hard for Belvita brand. A pack of 4 cookies or 2 sandwiches/breakfast biscuits has less than 40g of carbs fills me (sometimes it only trashed hand a pack!) and takes care of my cravings.
When I was young I loved candy bars😫 and would eat the regular size ones at that😳. Call me ancient but this was in the days before even BG meters much less CGMS so I had no idea just how it was affecting me. One day I was at a store that had mini bites at the checkout counter - like people give out for Halloween - and I discovered one or two of those could satisfy me as much as a full size candy bar - you just have to ration them.
If all else fails you could do some exercise - a walk around the block or even ones you can do inside might help bring the numbers down.
I apologize for getting off track: you asked for ideas about controlling the cravings while my response gave you suggestions for satisfying them with less carbs than you may be used to. Still I hope this helps you satisfy your appetite for snacks in smaller ways.

Actually, Milana @, since quarantine/isolation began, I have snacked significantly less - and my “total carb per day” calculations appears to support my perception - between 30-40 fewer carbs per day.

Why I’ve stopped snacking, I’m not certain, but it could be because of better overall glucose management - for the most part, I’ve eliminated all hypoglycemic events, eliminating the need for me to grab carb-fix snacks while exercising.

After 64.5 yrs of T1 I can say that snacking is always a temptation especially now in quarantine. Boredom! I’m retired & limited in mobility so these suggestions might not apply to you. I try changing the subject (food) that gets on my mind. I find that if I read a book that I just can’t put down, or find shows on Amazon Prime or Disney streaming that hold my attention that get my mind off food. Having no commercials especially ones with food really helps. Our only TV is in the family room which is 1 floor below kitchen which also helps. I drink water & decaf iced tea to satisfy any oral cravings that may arise. I can do light yard work. I guess its both blessing & curse but after I get into a task I have compulsion to finish it. Usually don’t even stop to drink. Researching history that I happen upon is a great distraction for me. Right now I’m researching history of parent’s home town. But I know for sure that history is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Snacking often accompanies boredom or loneliness. Psychiatry & psychology have proven that social connections are important to feeling happy. I make phone calls to friends & my last 2 very elderly relatives, my Mom & Aunt both in their 90s, I’m elderly but they are super elderly. I text but texting lacks a quality that is in hearing another’s voice. Milana, my distractions fit me. You might try to find some things that would go on your list as healthy distractions. Best of luck.

@NoMarshmellowsForMe, Hi! One thing that helps me rein myself in is keeping a food log. Have you ever tried that? I use the free version of the MyFitnessPal app. I don’t use it all the time, but I weigh myself once a week and start using it if I break the high end of my target weight. MFP app has a great food database. It’s a little bit of a pain to get self-disciplined to enter EVERYTHING you eat into the app, but it gets easier as you build the habit. Just seeing where I am on my daily calorie/carb/fat/protein goals helps me stay on track. Also second all the suggestions about getting more exercise, even if it is just walking around the house! That helps mood and weight. Good Luck! Hope you get some suggestions that fit your personality and lifestyle.

So not me personally but my 3 yr. Old has tyd and loves her snacks especially since she’s been going through a growth spurt so when I go shopping I look for low carb snacks to always have on hand in the cabinet my purse the car along side her fruit snacks I use for lows ect. So when she wants or needs something I have it. I like knowing when she wants a snack I have options for her that won’t spike her numbers. I hope this helps.