Question about Cigna health insurance

So, I am having to change health insurance companies due to my husband's change of company.  Where as I was added onto his Anthem Blue Cross of CA HMO since we were not married yet, I now have the choice of medical plans.  My options are Cigna OAP 250, Cigna OAP 1000, Cigna HMO, and Kaiser HMO.

Being that I do have a choice now, I'd like to get the plan that would most benefit me as a T1 Diabetic.  Opinions, suggestions, help greatly appreciated.


I would have several questions answered berfore I made a choice.

1. What is the premium for each plan? 

2. How are your current drugs covered, generic or brand name?

3. Insulin pump? If yes, how are the supplies handled, from current source ie pump company, DME provider, ect. Are certain companies easier to get coverage for?

4. What is the co pay for a specialist visit? Endo's and ophthalmologist are covered as specialists.

Looks like the plans are very good in terms of co pays and coverages. I myself would lean to either the OAP 250 plan or either of the HMO plans, depending on above questions and the premiums you would pay. The out of pocket max per year comes in handy when you buy insulin pump supplies if you hit the max over the year you may come close or over the max, then coverage is at 100%. I had eye surgery several years ago, hit my out of pocket max just after the first eye was done. I was able to get an insulin pump at no charge because I hit the max for the year!

Learn to let the system work for you, not you working for the system!

I personally have Cigna ppo right now and I am pretty sure that hmo is better than ppo and cigna is pretty good ! They cover all my pump supplies at zero dollars out of pocket. The copayments on my insulin and test strips are pretty high ($30each) but the pump supply coverage is AMAZING !! I hope this has helped !!


Thanks Jonathan,

I will make sure my husband brings these questions up to the HR when he goes to sign up for the plans.  My current doctor said that most specialists in CA don't except HMO plans.  So, if I continue to carry an HMO plan, I'd be very limited as to which endos would be available to me.  I did not know this until recently as my previous doctor never told me that.  But, I guess it makes sense because my previous doctor referred me to an endo who was like 35 mins. away from where I lived when there are so many others nearby.

Thanks Courtney,

It's reassuring to know someone else who is having a good experience with Cigna.

I have CIGNA.  They are great!