Question about explaining diabetes

I was diagnosed T1, just about a year ago, so this past year there have been many new experiences for me. I just came back from vacation, and something happened and I didn't really know that to do, and thought that some wiser more experienced people would have some advice for me. I was in an Atlanta airport, and we were getting ready to eat, I don't like taking shots in front of people, so I went to the bathroom. When I got there the bathroom was busy, and a lot of the people were mothers with younger children, I did not want to occupy a stall so I sat down on a seat by the sinks and gave my shots there. A small girl (my guess she was around 4) noticed me and saw the bruises on my thighs and asked me what happened. I simply told her that I got a "boo-boo" She watched me give myself a shot, and wanted to know what I was doing. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to ignore here, this felt like a very teachable moment, but I didn't want to scare her, or confuse her either, I also didn't want to upset her mother but explaining too much about what I was doing. Any suggestions?

I would have just told her that you were taking your medicine and sometimes you get boo-boos or owwies when you give yourself a shot.  If it was a child of your own or a niece or nephew questioning like that, then I would explain further, but not for a strange child who you are likely not to run into again.

I used to feel the same way you do about giving yourself your shot in front of people.  I used to do the same thing, but then I thought about how dirty a public bathroom can be and decided that it really doesn't matter what other people think.  You have diabetes and if you want to takeyour  shot in front of people, don't worry about what they think!  I give my shots in my stomach, so it's a little easier to do it at a table at a restaurant.  Or I just go to a corner some where not so out in the open if a lot of people are around.  I usually just give myself my shot where ever I am!  You shouldn't have to hide! 

As far as the little girl goes, you could have just said that you had to take your medicine and that would have been suitable.  Her mommy can explain the rest, maybe!  Some people have to take medicine through a shot.  That's what I would have said! 

Good Luck! 

Thanks for responding, I would of course be open with a child on my own family, but this was such a strange situation.

Thanks Angela, also, and I know that giving my shots is no big deal, but I don't know what it is I can't bring myself to give my shots in front of strangers. My boyfriend, my mom and dad, and one of my friends have seen me give myself shots. I was diagnosed just over a year ago, so maybe I will get over it. Thanks for your support.

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I would have just told her that you were taking your medicine and sometimes you get boo-boos or owwies when you give yourself a shot. 



I probably would've said something similar to the above statement. It is always touchy with a child, I agree that I wouldn't want to scare them.