Question about high protein levels in 24-hr urine test

I just got my results back from the 24-hour urine test I did this past weekend, and the protein levels are pretty high up there.  The creatinine tests are all WNL.  Here are the protein results:

Protein, Total, 24 Hour Urine:    686.7     (reference range: <150mg/24h)
Protein/Creat, 24 Hour Urine:    952        (reference range: </=84mg/g creat)

My question is, exactly how high are these numbers?  They seem REALLY up there to me, but I can't find anything online about where the cutoff is between "I've got some damage to my kidneys" and "holy crap, I need to get on dialysis tomorrow."

I have microalbuminuria (last random microalbumin level was 199), but NO damage whatsoever to my eyes (in fact, my opthamologist always says that if he didn't know me personally, he would NEVER know I was diabetic by my eyes).

I don't want to wait till Monday to call my dr to find out how bad these numbers are, so I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me out!  Thanx!!


Jennifer - just saw this today, hope you are okay and have talked to your doctor.  It looks like bothe of these have to be normalized for your body mass, but it sounds like they are both pretty high.

do you take bp medication?  blood presure meds in the ACE inhibitor family can correct a lot of kidney/protein problems and can help protect you from kidney damage and disease.    I've been taking Vasotec (enalapril) for 9 years now, diabetic 31 years and I have zero protein.  good luck to you and hope your doctor visit cleared up your questions!!

I too am on BP med (Lisinopril) to help with protein levels. I was diagnosed at age 16 with early stages of kidney disease. Since then I have taken Vasotec, until recently because of conflict with insurance coverage. My levels have stayed the same for 14 + yrs.  The last bloodwork/urine test I had done in Jan. 09 showed my kidney function was good. Good Luck.

My husband is 34 and has been diabetic since he was 12 or 13. This year he has started spilling protiens and has been taking Altace for high blood pressure. This is helping. Apparently this is common for Diabetics his age - diabetics in their 30s. They do not know which came first - the high blood pressure or the extra protoens - each can cause the other (kind of a which came first - the chicken or the egg theory). Good luck - it can be handled and brought under control.

Hi!  Thanx to everyone for your responses.  I've been on Lisinopril to prevent kidney damage for 5 years now, just started on Cozaar back in February.  I don't have high blood pressure; in fact, it's always been on the low side even before I started the Lisinopril.

I spoke with my doctor the Wednesday after I made my post (trust me, Queen B*tch mode had kicked into full gear by then!!) and he said that 687 isn't THAT bad in the grand scheme of things - his words were "when it gets up to 3000, that's REALLY bad."  I made an appointment with my nephrologist for Tuesday, May 5th (I'm a lot more proactive than my doctors tend to be - I have no patience for the "let's wait and see what happens" approach ... yeah, sure, why not?? Let's wait until I need dialysis before we start treating!!  Hell, it took me a year and finally my refusal to leave my former endo's office until I was given an official diagnosis of microalbuminuria ... I literally had to give her my bloodwork results from the past year with the elevated levels highlighted and circled with Post-It sticky arrows pointing at them for her to see a pattern) ... so we'll see what happens then.



hi im stevie.

ive been a diabetic for a year and a half and every time i went to the doctor for my diabetes appointment i always have alot of protien in my urine. its really starting to freak me out. ive had 800 and over of protein. my doctor said it could be because i have concentrated urine when i do the stupid pee in the cup thing so i have to pee right when i get out of bed and then send it in. im scared!

stevie,  in general protein is bad.  it can also mean you are in danger of retinopathy (eye problems).  is you doctor doing anythign about the issue?  is you doc an endo?  I can't tell you what to do but id the answers are no,no, and no I would get an endocrinologist on the job right away.

yea shes making me do a random pee so they can check it. my doc is an endo and she said that im gona b ok so im not worried bout anything until the results come back.

[quote user="StevieRae"]

yea shes making me do a random pee so they can check it. my doc is an endo and she said that im gona b ok so im not worried bout anything until the results come back.


okay good no sweat then!  good luck on the test results.   have you had a angiogram for your eyes?

No i didnt know i needed one.

it's not like an emergency or anything, it's a simple test where they look at the small blood vessels in the back of your eye.  They use a black light camera, after they give a small injection of fluorescent dye - sounds worse than it is.  the deal is if you have problems (leaky blood vessels) you can damage your eye.  I get 3 a year.    good luck.