Question about nerves

Hi everyone!

I just have a question, i have been experiencing sharp pains, like ones you woudl have in your chest, but only in my breasts ( i know odd) and sometimes in my legs and back. I have a doctors appointment this Wednesday but has anyone else experienced these? i am very afraid its my nerves going :( :(

Tara just saw your post and was wondering if your feeling any better. Make sure even if you are feeling better you mention it to your doctor tomorrow. 

i am not :(

the pains are so bad, its gone into my armpits sometimes now or ALL over. i am going today and i will defniitely be mentioning it as its really scary :(

My right hand also falls asleep sometimes too now.


I hope they can figure it out Tara - sounds scary. I'd ask if it could be an effect of getting your D under better control? That your body was used to high BG and now has normal and this is part of the adjustment back? I have no idea, just one thing to ask about.

im HOPING that is the cause of this..

I definitely will bring that up, its been like this for about a month now and happening more often than not. ahh! i never had this pain when i had high blood sugars!

We're sending good vibes your way. 

:( Feel better soon, Tara!

Soo i went to my doctor.. she had NO explanation so I was referred to a Neurologist.. ahhh!

but i asked if it was because i was in BETTER control and she said shes never heard of it and that my blood vessels looked good so ahh i have no idea :(

Hey tara. i know what you are going through with the pain. Ive been getting bad pain in my knees but unlike you my doctor has wrote it off as a delayed growth spurt. I hope they figure out what you have.

I just heard a story today from a dad whose kid was doubled up on the couch holding his stomach in pain. It turns out he had strep. I have never heard of it causing stomach pains but it can cause weird things. One of my kids woke up one day with his head twisted to the side 90 degrees. We thought it was a sprain but it turned out to be a strep infection caused an abscess behind a tonsil. It took almost a week for him to straighten out his head.