Question about pizza

i have been told that pizza makes everyone's BS raise like crazy but the some people dont have the problem. last night I decided to eat pizza. An hour after I ate the pizza I checked my BS like I am suppose to. It was only 85. I was like "sweet! i can eat pizza!" then around 2 or 3 hours later (i did not eat anything after the pizza) I went to check my BS so i could take my lantus and it read 202. So my question is, does pizza take longer to hit you or does it just depend on the person?


I think it's just the dough.  I have this problem sometimes with pizza, and bagels, and especially potatoes, they're the worst.  I think they're are charts and stuff you can find online that show the glycemic load and index of certain foods.  It's fairly helpful.  Pasta too will sometimes do that to me.  I'm not sure what kind of pizza you like but I generally like to stick with thin crust.  The fewer the carbs the better.

Hi Jordan - Generally speaking, anytime you eat protein with carbs, it will take longer for the carbs to get into your system.  For example - if you ate a steak and garlic bread or rice - the full digestion process is slowed down because it takes much longer for the stomach to digest the meat.    It really depends on which nutrition 'expert' you talk to as to how long protein takes to breakdown.  Carbs are easier to know now that the gylcemic index is all over the place.   That being said, you CAN eat pizza.  It will be a guessing game at first but for me - I usually have a dual wave bolus from the pump when I do.  Usually about 1/4 of my insulin and the balance spread out over the next 1 1/2.  That way I don't get too much too soon.  (not sure if you inject or pump - maybe someone can help you with what they do for injections if that is the way you go)  

It all depends what you have on it - even if it's a veggie pizza, the cheese will slow the process down. Veggies, however,  can help balance the GI load in the pizza.   Is it a thick or thin crust? Do the other toppings have sugar in them? (pizza sauce often does)  No one has the same pizza - so depending on the kind you are eating, you will have to adjust your insulin accordingly.  It will be trial and error at first but that doesn't mean you can't have it.    Just remember that you can eat pretty much whatever you want - just don't over do it and know how each food will effect your bs so you can adjust your insulin intake!  Best of luck!  Be well.




What you should do with pizza is give a bolus for the carbs from the bread and whatever copious toppings you put on it that might contain carbs, but you should also give a square wave bolus (combo bolus for us Animas users). The reason your number was good right after eating was because your insulin took care of the initial carbohydrates from the pizza...but your fast acting insulin only lasts for about 4 hours (peaks at 2 hrs). Your body digests the fats and proteins from food slower than carbs so when your initial bolus is gone, your body has no insulin left to combat the additional BG raise that will come from the fat/proteins.

If you do a square wave bolus (if you're on a pump) when you eat a high protein or high fat content meal, to last 4-5 hours and depending on your ratio, input a good amount of insulin to be added to your regular basal rate over that time period, your glucose will be good when you test, say 3 to 4 hours after the pizza.

Hope that makes sense. I actually just read your entire post, Jordan and saw that you're on injections. I haven't dealt with those in a good while so possibly someone who is a pizza connosieur and on injections could give a solution. Whatever you do, don't compensate for the fats/proteins with your bolus or else you'll end up super low, then you'll correct to get a 'normal' BG, but then once the fats/proteins digest, you'll be super high.

Again, hope that helps, or if anyone else can elaborate I know I'm on the right path...just a little low myself :)

I'm on injections.  When I eat pizza I take a couple of extra units before I eat.  Usually when I test the next time before bed it's OK.  It does depend on the crust though.  If it's one of those fatboy crust pizzas then you need even more.  I too prefer thin crust due to less carbs and I just like it better anyway.  Someone mentioned sauce.  I've found that Papa John's raises my blood sugar like crazy.  Its crust it kindof thick and I'm theorizing that it's sauce has a lot of sugar or something.  So I don't do PJs anymore, plus they're big republicans, plus I just don't think it's very good.  I couldn't live without pizza.  It IS the ultimate food!

I hope this helps

I have the pizza problem also. I can be 122 or less, eat 3 slices of pizza and be 500 in 2 hours. If I eat less than 3 pcs. I'm still hungry, I can only have it once in a while. I take extra insulin, exercise and no change. I think next time I will almost double my humalog and see what happens then.... the most that could happen is go low, right ?!?

I find that for me pizza works like so:  it will hit my bloods immediately, but then also hit my bloods at a delayed point later and will raise my blood sugar like gangbusters. To combat the two raises I experience I will shoot insulin for it at the outset, and then I shoot another equivalent dosage an hour later and this seems to balance it out and this seems to even it out. 



I believe you're on injections.. which is Such good info because I've always wondered how to master a 'square' bolus on injections.

You would (let's say it's 90g) inject 6u at time of consumption AND another 6u 1 hour later OR inject 3 at consumption and another 3u 1 hour later?  (based on 1:15)

I appologize if this question is.. ignorant but I need specifics!

Also, how do you manage pasta? I find I go low alot of the time before it hits me..

I am also currently on injections, and I normally don't have problems with pizza.  I sometimes take an extra unit and that seems to help.

Yeah, I use injections. And you're exactly right I would shoot (I'm on 1:15) 6 units at consumption, 6 an hour later.


I NEVER eat pasta. I can't figure out how to do it without ending up either 30 mg/dl or 300 mg/dl.

I know.. I'm always low when eating pasta.. it's silly.  You either over-compensate or under-compensate...

So.. 12u.. is pizza really worth 180g of carbs?? I guess it depends how much you eat.

OR are you adding more to cover that spike?

For me I always take a dual bolus with the pump when having pizza. I estiimate 95 carbs for two slices at this one pizzaria I go to, and dual a 70/30 split for 3 hours. Works like a charm! everytime! I do the same thing on chinese food too.

Lol I've basically banned all these foods from my diet.  I'm such a fat controlled person.. it's so boring sometimes.  I limit myself too much I think.

I'm looking into this Joshi Detox, has anyone heard of it??

My dad has done it and says it's amazing and he feels a TON better.. basically it's to bring back your body to it's alkaline state instead of the acidic state all our bodies are in.  I doubt T1 can actually follow the detox but it's really interesting learning about the philosophy of it all.

You have to add a touch more to cover the spike.