Question for all pumpers!

Ok so i have been waiting for weeks for the day to come that i will finaly become one of you guys and get my pump on and tomorrow is that day!!! I am soooo excited but as the time gets closer my nerves are getting worse... i am wayy nervous and scared. Did any of you feel this? am i alone with this feeling?? Im affraid that kids at school will make fun of me if they see it because even tho i go to a huge school i am the only t1 in the whole school so im just really nervouse and scared!!! I really want to be all excited instead of mixed feelings.

Also i am getting the mini med paradigm 722 and the doctor called yesturday and said to cut my night time shot of lantus in half from 42 to 21 and i always feel weird when im late on taking it so will this make me feel weird too? and the doctor also said to use the cd for the computer and explore the pump tonight.. i am about to do that but did any of u have to??

i would look at the manual and install the computer software tonight and look through will be at some point, might as well now. Since I had done the saline trial, i already knew how to use the pump so i didn't read the manual, though i was told to look through it the night before, but i did install the program and check it out to see all the functions and how to hook everything up.

it's pretty normal(i think) to be nervous. i had an anxiety attack more than a few times the month leading up to actually getting approved and getting the pump. especially when i was doing the saline trial to see how i would handle having it attached 24/7, i think i had about 3 during that period.

once i got on it though, it got easier. i still get that feeling once in awhile(it's only been a month for me, and i've been MDI for 16years so it's a huge change) but it goes pretty quick. it's too bad you didn't get a saline trial while you waited, that might have helped you a bit, especially with the whole school thing...since you could just take it off at any point if you decided you need a break for a few hours or a few days...but I don't think you should have a big problem. I don't even bother to tuck my tubing in half the time honestly, and no one says anything(except my mom cuz she says it'll get tugged on...which has happened haha).

i agree with your doc on cutting your lantus...i didn't discuss that with my trainer or my endo and did a full 20unit dose of lantus in the morning, got on the pump in the early afternoon..and even though we set a temp basal of -50% until midnight, i had a huge drop in my bloodsugar because the lantus was still active and my first night on the pump wasn't that fun because of it. I think I got to bed finally at like 4 or 5am? either way, it's a good idea and you probably won't really notice it's only 21units instead of 41units honestly..and you'll be thankful tomorrow!

Thanks Batts!!

Ya i just went throught the online software and i read the book in the last couple weeks so i think ive done about everything i can until tomorrow. and yaaa ok now im glad they r cutting my lantus back lol. and ya ive heard a couple people tlk about how they had the saline pump trial thing and i was like well my doctor didnt even mention that ... but thanks for all the info ... it really helped!

I was not very nervous before the pump, I had watched all sorts of short movies by the different companies and reach all their literature and such.  I did feel really excited the mornig I got my pump and I only put in my short acting insulin, and no long acting at breakfast, that was really cool.

Also, whenever I get down about my pump, I say to myself, "You're attached to a several thousand dollar piece of equipment designed just to help you live better.  You know how awesome that is!"  (Not awesome that I NEED it, but I think the idea of it is awesome.)

I personally, love explaining to kids what my pump is, and how their pancreas does it better and stuff like that.

Good Luck!

Heyy thanks and the aswome part is a really good way to put it! Thanks :)

i also love explaining my diabetes to people but we have some mean kids at my school who wont care what i say soo ya. but thanks alot :)

I have the Minimed Paradigm 522 and love it. My daughter also has one and loves it. I remember being nervous about whether or not the thing was working. I kept thinking "How do i know it is working and my blood sugar is not 500?" But after a few hours I calmed down. a pump is life changing and I know you will love it. I was T1 for 20 years before I got mine and I would NEVER go back to shots.

I did review the CD and the online pump school when i got my last pump which I think was the 515. I can't remember the number it was. I was glad I did because these things change every model so the differences between my first one and my second one were great. But when I got my 522 i did not watch the CD. My husband did though when our daughter was diagnosed just to get a better feel for what I do and what he would be doing. Don't be afraid to call Minimed's customer service line either. they are very helpful there and are willing to answer anything or explain anything to you. They are there 24/7 too which is nice. Give yourself a few weeks and you will know the pump and its tricks in and out. This website is also a great place for idea's and suggestions so don't be afraid to reach out to us. We're all in this together!

Thanks Amie Meenk!

Ya everyone is telling me i will love it and im sure i will but im just sooo scared because i dnt personally no any diabetics :(

I'm so excited for you!

I love my pump (even though i yell at it to stop reminding me to test...). I've been on it for a month and a half, and it does a great job keeping me alive and healthy. Only three people have noticed the tubing (which i leave hanging out all the time), and one was my friend who knew i was starting. The other was a kid in one of my classes, who was super excited to hear about it.

If it makes you nervous to think about other kids in school, just think about how you won't ever have to inject in front of people again! When you bolus, it just looks like you're texting. And if anyone says anything mean to you, you can say something witty like 'it's where i get my intelligence. I see you don't have one..."

I was also nervous the week before i started. I read through the manual, I looked at the CD, I halved my lantus the day before. When i put in the first infusion set, i just started crying (in my CDE's office...) because I was so relieved that I didn't have to think about it anymore. It has made everything so much easier for me - way fewer lows, easier to eat when i'm hungry, easier to exercise (except i don't have shorts with pockets in them, yet.)

Congratulations Amber! I know everyone says it, but you will feel a lot better after having the pump. It makes life a whole lot easier, too.

I know everyone's feelings are different when it comes to being nervous, so I can't tell you I know how you feel. However, I can assure you that after a few weeks (maybe even days) you will wonder why you didn't have a pump sooner.

As for the mean kids, let them say what they will. Staying healthy is your ultimate comeback to their words. People only say mean things when they are trying to make themselves better than they really are.So, if they are making fun of you for having a pump, know that you have more respect and kindness than they do. The best way for handling mean people (in my opinion), is to simply show them their words have no effect on you (which can be difficult, too). Surround yourself with people who love you and understand you are just like everyone else, only with an insulin pump attached to you. Some kids have glasses or contacts, hearing aids and other things that help them live their lives in a much better fashion. You are taking a positive step towards doing the same, so NO ONE can fault you for that.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your new partner!


I was nervous/scared only bcs diabetes was still new to me and i was eight. I was d'xd in october 2003 and was recieveing the pump in january 2004 bcs i refused to take the shots and it made me so sick. I myself never looked at the CD but i know my parents took a training on it for like 2 days but gradually i just picked up how to use it and I am so happy i got the pump and even though every once in awhile(usually during the summer) i take like 3-4 days and just do shots i always go back to the pump.



well congrats for geting it but wow i had to cut my complity out for two days. ya i had to look thouough the cd but it was no big problem.

[quote user="Amber Buller"]

.. i am wayy nervous and scared. Did any of you feel this? am i alone with this feeling?? Im affraid that kids at school will make fun of me if they see it because even tho i go to a huge school i am the only t1 in the whole school so im just really nervouse and scared!!! I really want to be all excited instead of mixed feelings.


good luck amber.  yea I was scared too.  it goes away =).

my neice is in high school and she just puts hers in her pocket backwards and no one really ever commented abou it - hope you are okay and like your first day on the pump.  I have a 722 also.

Thanks Ajax!

The doctors was wayy over whelming for me today but with some practice ill be fine! I had my first break down 5 minutes ago when it wouldnt let me bolos because my bg was 68. but i get it :)

I just want to say thanks to all of you guys! You guys helped me alot whether you know u did or not!! i have had the pump on since 11 and so far im not sur ehow i feel about it lol.