Question for Moms who were induced

I'm currently 37 weeks and set to be induced at 39 weeks 1 day (ahhh only 12 days to go!).  Was just wondering how long you were in labor for and how long was your hospital stay (of course based on the fact that baby was born with out any complications).   I've read that a first time delivery (which this is for me) lasts about 13 hours, but since this will be an induction, I'm assuming I'll go longer :(  Just trying to gauge how long it will be before we can go home!

I can’t speak to the labor portion as I didn’t hardly progress after 7 hrs on pitocin and baby’s heart rate was doing scary things so I had an unplanned c-section. I checked in Monday night to get cervadil (I think is what it’s called), at 7:00am Tuesday they moved me downstairs to start the IVs and pitocin. I was told not to expect a baby until dinner time at the earliest but the csection changed that. Anyway, had he been born vaginally that day I would have checked out Thursday. I could have checked out Friday, but opted to stay an extra day to get the lactation support for another day. I would think 48 hours minimum (that’s what most of my friends did), but I ended up being there 4.5 days. Hope that helps. Prayers for a completely uneventful delivery! :wink:

I didn't need any cervical ripening (The only upside of pre-term labor before an induction!) And I needed very little pitocin. My labor was just shy of 13 hours and I delivered at ~1 am on Thursday and left Saturday morning to go home. So i guess technically we were there 2 nights.

I did need cervical ripening, which meant going in and being bedridden starting 6pm on Monday night.  Tuesday morning at 6am they started pitocin.  It caused painful, but unproductive contractions.  Around 6pm that night  nurse took pity and broke my water (most hospitals require you to deliver within 24 hours of water breaking).  

By 3am on Wednesday it was clear labor wasn't productive and doctor recommended a cesarean.  

I WOULD NEVER BE INDUCED UNLESS YOUR BODY IS SHOWING SIGNS IT IS CLOSE TO DELIVERY.  In my case, at 39 weeks my cervix wasn't dialated and baby hadn't dropped.  Wish I had trusted my instincts and insisted on waiting until 40 weeks.  

I was not weak in my pregnancy... I felt great and worked up until the day I was induced and took yoga and water aerobics classes.  But the exhaustion of pitocin-induced contractions and being in bed so long made me weak fast.  Because of that and the surgery, I was in the hospital another 3-4 days after my son was born.  

This isn't meant to scare you.  But be sure to trust your insticts and to ask lots of questions.  I went to the L&D classes and thought I'd talked everything over with my doctor, but really had not idea what "induce" meant.  

I went in at 39 weeks exactly to be induced.  It was a Tuesday afternoon.  My cervix was not open or soft, but I was having mild contractions, so they did not want to use cervidil for fear of increasing the contractions too quickly.  So I had dinner and waited.  They came in to check my cervix that evening, it wasn't open at all.  That night they inserted a foley catheter to try to open my cervix prior to the induction the next day.  It was a highly unpleasant experience, but opened my cervix to 3 cm.  Wednesday I was on pitocin from 6am to 7pm.  I had contractions but nothing progressed.  I wasn't bedridden, though, I was allowed to move around the room and sit on a labor ball.  That night I was allowed to rest, but the contractions I was having the previous night had stopped.  Thursday morning I was put back on pitocin until about 6pm.  Nothing progressed, and they were unable to break my water, so I had an unplanned c-section at 7pm and remained in the hospital until Sunday (5 days total).  Nothing bad happened per se, and my daughter was safe the whole time and born healthy, but I don't think given the choice that I would try the same approach for a second child.

I do know people that it has worked well for, so please don't let my experience scare you.

At 39 weeks, I was induced on a sunday night and ended up having a C-section that I didn't want all along! I was determined I the entire pregnancy I WOULD NOT HAVE A SECTION. Yea well, <<<~~This girl opted for one when my doctor told me I would need up to three Cervidel and could still need a c-section anyway. I have no idea what came over me that day but, I am very happy I did because my boy was 10 pounds 13 oz and he had very wide shoulders. It would have been a very disastrous situation for both of us. I stayed in the hospital from Sunday - Friday morning. They kept me one day longer for monitoring because I was having very high blood pressure and very low blood sugars. The high blood pressure came after the baby for some reason because I really didn't experience it during the entire pregnancy. That was unexpected. So you really never know how long you are going to stay...