Question for omnipod users!

Im 14 and was recently diagnosed with diabetes (this may) .  i recently did my demo with the pod and loved it but have some questions about it. 

-does the needle/catheter stay in you for the time that your wearing it or does the needle go in to give you the insulin and go back into the pod?

im new at this and i really want to pick the right one, so if you have some likes and dislikes about the pump just describe them.

thannks :]



The needle is in only for a few seconds when the pod is first placed on the skin and the pod is activated (and the catheter is being inserted). The needle is then withdrawn leaving only about 6mm of catheter inserted for insulin delivery. The catheter stays until the pod is removed (usually 3 days).


I hope this helps you.


The needle only hits you once.  Then, what they call the "cannula" is inserted into your skin and that is what the insulin goes through to get into your body.  So you only feel the sting once.  And it is just a little sting.  Not bad at all. 

I think you will like the Omnipod.  There is no tubing so you don't feel so tied down.  Try it several places and you will find the right place for you.  I prefer to wear mine on my arm.  That is the most comfortable for me.

Good luck!!