Question for people currently on BCBS of NC

My husband is contemplating taking a new job that has BCBS of NC as their insurance plan. Does anyone have any experience with them that they'd like to share?

I already have a pump and a CGM so I'm hoping that I'll be grandfathered in.  Are they good at covering supplies and prescriptions?

And if anyone has a CGM or pump, how much of it is covered, and how much do you have to pay out of pocket?

Right now I'm covered at 100% under my insurance companies Durable Medical Equipment policy so I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that it'll be the same with BCBS of NC.

And what about test strips? I googled some info on them and it said that they have a "preferred" brand of test strips, which are cheaper than the "non preferred" brand. Any idea what their preferred brand is?