Question from a mom


I am a mom to a 6 year old who was dx at 3.  I had an idea for a product...I doubt I would ever act on it but was curious whether teens would hate it or be o.k with it.

Right now, as you can imagine, I totally control my son's d-care ...but I know that around the corner I will be letting go and handing it over to him.  What would you think of a glucometer that automatically texted your bg to your parents each time you checked.  This would be for like a 10 years old- 16 years old.  From a parents point of view heres how I see it.


I would always know how he was doing d-wise so when I would see him I could talk about other stuff instead of his numbers or asking when the last time he checked.

He would never feel like I was looking over his shoulder when he was checking  or I wouldn't have to bug him to download his numbers so I could check on him - it would just always be there - out in the open


I would have to resist freaking if I saw a 30 or a 400.

He might feel as if his privacy was breached.

Thanks for any feedback,



that sounds like a good idea !!! i hate it when my mom is always asking about my blood sugar....the only problem is that i dont always want my mom freaking out if she doesnt like my bg. i can fix it myself, without her worrying. but otherwise, yeah, its sounds really cool

That sounds like am awesome idea!! I know that if my parents new every time I checked I'd check more often. However the privacy thing might be a problem. Maybe something where it had the option to send it or not. I'm 15 and frankly I'd love that. When I'm at friends houses I always forget to text my mom my numbers. But that would only work if the perent didn't freak out and trusted the child enough to take care of a bad number on their own.

I have to say that this would be very useful for parents.  But personally, I hate my parents freaking out over my numbers.  I know what I'm doing for the most part and when I don't, I ask them.  Having this I feel like they would always be intruding and invading my privacy.  But it is a nice idea and may be very helpful to some families.