Question on CareLink

I have a question on the carelink. I have just started on the CGMs yesterday. My wife and I tried this morn to setup and hook up my CareLink usb.  But we can not get it to work some reason. When I talked to a person at Medtronic they said that it would work with a mac Computer. But after i tried to get on the website with my macbook pro and my wifes IMAC we find out that it does not work on there.My wife has an older and slower windows laptop but we could not get the usb to connect to my paradigm 722 pump. Does anyone know the trick to get it to connect and transmitt. Aslo does anyone know when or if they are going to let the CareLink website or the USB stick work on a Mac Because if not then it is no good to me. I figure they have enough money to make it work on a Mac computer. 



Jeff H


Paul Glantzman posted this a few months back. I have since switched to using a Dexcom CGM so I never tried this work around. Maybe it will work for you, maybe not. I was able to get as far as the login screen. After that I no longer have the USB so it does no good to try.


I just found out how to trick Safari in order to log into CareLink to enter log info and view/print out reports.

1. Go to Safari  - Preferences - Advanced

2. Check the checkbox on the bottom which says "Show Develop menu in menu bar"

3. With your browser open go to Develop - User Agent and select Firefox - Windows

4. Type the CareLink URL into the Navigation Bar - it is

5. When it opens it will show the Firefox - Windows browser to be an error.

6. Again go to Develop - User Agent but this time select Internet Explorer 7.0

7. Now CareLink will open and you can log in with Login - Pass

8. That's it!!!


Thanks that worked but i have another question when it asks me to choose my device i have an option of my insulin pump or Guardian real time glucose monitoring system? i would think it would be my paradigm 722 pump.



jeff H

This worked for me! Thank you!