Question on iv 3000

I am using iv 3000 to cover my sensor. Is there something  cheaper that I can use to cover my sensor and transmitter. I was checking walmart to see if there was anything and I couln't find anything. Does anyone have any ideas?

Hi Lavonda

I don't have a CGM but for a few years after I first started on the pump I used a "window" covering as well as the tape it came with. It was put out by the company 3M and  it was available over the counter at Walgreens. It's been over ten years so I am not really sure about the price. I hope that you find what you are looking for. Best of luck to you.

Lavonda have you tried to see if your insurance would cover this? I know that some insurance plans will cover the cost of the IV 3000. You can find the IV3000 slightly cheaper at

theres this stuff tincture benzoin compound and you rub it on your skin (its a brown alchol smelling liquid) and let it dry and put ur site in and it works really well. idk if its percription or over the counter but its probably cheeper than iv3000

I used to use SkinTac, but I haven't needed it since starting on the Ping. My new infusion sites stick better than my old ones, but it worked really well. It's just a little pad that you wipe over the spot you're using, and then insert the site. It's very sticky!


thanks for the replies, it helps to know there is other things out there, my insurance does not cover this unfortunately.