i was diagnosed in May of 2008 and immediately started insulin.  but lately i havent needed any novolog as my sugars fall back in range after eating. am i reaching the peak of my honeymoon in which it will stop soon or might it be something else?  i go to the endo december 15th.

every one acts differently with their honeymoon stage so i would just wait it out and talk to ur endo

My daughter is also going through the same thing.  She was diagnosed Feb. 2009.  She runs so low at lunch that we forgo the Novolog.  She is very athletic so I'm not sure if that has something to do with it.  I know she needs to eat more during the morning at school.  It could be the honeymoon as well.  Her endo did not seem concerned.  She has such tight control.



the same thing happened with me. it's true there is no standard honeymoon because everyone is different. it's definitely tough not knowing how much insulin to give yourself while still avoiding low blood sugars. i would say monitor closely, and look at your pattern to see when your go low, so that you and the doctor can pinpoint where the issues are.

My son went thru a spurt like this a few weeks ago. Our endo said it was possible during the honeymoon and sure enough about 2 weeks later we had to start using the Novolog (but he still gets very small doses, his ratio is 1 unit/40 carbs for most meals).  You also might want to monitor your fasting BG to make sure that your basal insulin is not making you go too low (like while you are sleeping). So you might want to do a couple extra checks between meals or in the middle of the night (midnight and 3 am) to see if you are staying fairly steady. Have you had other changes in your exercise or eating habits that might also be helping your body use insulin more efficiently?

I will say enjoy it while it lasts - my son sure did! (Although it was almost more nerve wracking on my husband and I because we kept checking to see if he was going too high!) Good luck!