Questions about blood sugar numbers

Gavi's numbers seem to have stabilized since he got over his cold. Sometimes before dinner, he can have a higher number (tonight- 195) and 2 hours after dinner he went down to 108. He ate 2 pieces of home mede whole wheat crust pizza for dinner (maybe equivilent to 1-1.5 regular slices). Yesterday before dinner he was 225 and 2 hours after it dropped down to 95 (he had a karate class after dinner, maybe that helped lower        it?). He's not on rapid acting insulin, only Lantus. I e-mailed his doctor about it a few minutes ago, but I want to know if anyone has experienced such a drop like that after dinner.

I am on an insulin pump. I find I am more sensitive to insulin at certain times of the day. For instance, in the mornings/ afternoons I am very sensitive to insulin, yet in the evenings more resistant.

My blood sugars also tend to fluctuate depending on the types of food I eat. For instance, if I eat a meal high in fat, my blood sugars will usually read good for the first few hours, but rebound (go high) 3-4 hours post - the nice thing about the insulin pump (one-touch Ping) I can combo bolus to prevent this.

Perhaps it could be a number of factors - insulin sensitivity, food types and/or exercise??

If he's only on long-acting, do you think his pancreas is still kicking in some insulin b/c of the honeymoon phase? And, probably the exercise too...

This isn't the first time it's happened, with him experiencing such a big drop in a short amount of time. A week ago Sunday, his numbers were very high. Before lunch he was 425 (I tested him again to see if it was accurate, it was in the very high 300's). I retested him an hour after lunch (if it went any higher I was going to call his doctor) it went down to 280. Still high, but it dropped about 100 points in an hour. He was on 1 unit of Lantus then.

Sounds like what happens to me. Mind you I am little older LOL so the amount insulin is different, but same sort of.  I am pretty sure it's insulin still be made. On this website Richard told us about a study he was part of and it showed that even after 50+ years of Club 1 some still made insulin!! It just makes control so much fun. It's been about 2 1/2 years for me and I still get a break once in a while and have to stop insulin because of lows. Made you if I try and eat without watching, I'll start bouncing around like a yoyo. LOL But after about 2 or 3 days the numbers start going back up and then hello insulin welcome back.