Questions about glucose tabs

I decided to finally give the glucose tabs a try. Since they are 4 carbs each I gave my son 4 of them. In less than 30 minutes his BG went from 54 to 223. Is this typical? I've never seen such a big jump so fast. I was wondering if maybe I should try 3 next time even though 15-20 carbs is recommended to treat lows?

Yes, that's pretty typical.  :)  Maybe try two next time?

I've had that happen to me too.  I usually only take one or two at a time for just that reason.

One or two. OOPS. I underestimated their power. :)

Wow, in 20 years I have never even tried them because I thought they wouldn't work.  Maybe I should try instead of putting everything in my mounth untill I feel better!!  I hate when I do that!!

They work like a champ!  They break down very easily in your digestive system (one of the simplest carbs you'll find) so they go to work within 10 minutes.  They pack a punch.

I would have started with 2 and checked in 15 minutes for a BG. They make a glucose gel (dex 4) that actually tastes pretty good. Like Jell-o that has kind of set lol. It about turns to liquid as soon as it touches the tongue.

The tabs are good also - the walmart tabs seem a bit more sour and harder - and the ones at Walgreens, Target etc seem to taste a bit better and disolve better. The Walgreen and Taget brand are Dex 4. I believe the Walmart ones are 5 grams.

I picked up the Reli-On tabs at Walmart in grape because that's his favorite juice (crystal lite) flavor. He thinks they're big sweet tarts, he likes them. :) Next time I will start with 2 and check in 15 min.

My favorite are the Reli-On fruit punch.  I'm not sure that's what they're called...I like the pinkish ones and the multicolored tropical punch ones.

For me, I need all four tabs to get my blood sugar up.  Or more.  They don't usually work as quickly as a good old juice box (I usually carry about 3 juice boxes in my purse).

Do the glucose tabs give anybody else really bad breath and leave a weird taste in your mouth?

It's weird how for some people they almost overact and for others they don't work as well...I don't like using them unless I have to because they don't seem to work as fast as other things and I need at least 3 or 4 to bring me into a decent range.  2 will sometimes work to bring me from 60 to 70 but not much more than that.

I usually have 3-4 juice boxes in my bag, also!! 

i keep glc tabs with me, but i like to go for juice or regular pop if it's available. at work, i keep glc tabs in my labcoat pocket because i can shove a couple in my mouth between patients if i'm feeling low. i've noticed a bad taste, but never bad breath. now i'll be paranoid about it. thank you. :o)

i usually take 4 tabs when i am low. it brings me back where i need to be. maybee you should try 3. well good luck.



maybe try 2 or 3 tabs.. i usually eat them instead of juice actually.  just seems to works better for me.  also do you wash his hands or use an alcohol wipe before you retest him? the sugar from the tabs can really affect his next BG.

I gave up on glucose tabs years ago after having them get wet and picking out the glucose mud out of the bottle and then the last draw was when I had to lick out the inside of a plastic bag to get the crushed tabs down. 

I now use Skittles, Sour Patch or Swedish Fish in small bags as sold during Halloween, Easter and other holidays. I can get the bag wet, crush it , or leave them for years and still be able to open the package consume the 14-17 grams when needed. 

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maybe try 2 or 3 tabs.. i usually eat them instead of juice actually.  just seems to works better for me.  also do you wash his hands or use an alcohol wipe before you retest him? the sugar from the tabs can really affect his next BG.


I admit that I just wipe his finger with a tissue before I test unless his hand is dirty from playing outside or something. But Brandan won't let his hands stay dirty anyway, OCD. I would say that it could have been sugar on his finger, but when I checked him again later (clean hands for sure) it was even higher. Thanks for the thought though, I will be careful about that next time.

I like to use candy also.  It is like an acceptable treat when I am low, except, i don't know when to stop!!  Before I know it im in the 200's or higher.  But i think that is personal issue with candy!!  LOL

Hi Trish,

When I'm low I take two glucose tablets (like walmart or relion brand) and that usually spikes me up pretty fast.

But the 15 carb rule is good too.

15 carbs, wait 15 minutes and then test again. If its not sufficient, give 15 more carbs and wait 15 minutes before testing again.



Good advice and it is how I use the little skittles bags with 14 grams of sugar sealed in each bag, That way I make sure I don't keep consuming to goodies. 

I usually give him individual packs of fruit chews (gummies). The have 19-21 carbs each. I've used those since he was about 15 months old and it's literally the only thing I could get him to take to treat a low. He liked the glucose tabs, though, so now we have options. ; ) He's only had 1 low since I got 'em (yay) so I haven't tested giving him just 2 yet. They work way faster than the gummies so I hope he'll stick with them, at least for the REALLY lows.

Question: When he's on the border of being low, say 76, in the middle of the night, would 1 glucose tab be a good idea? Would that maybe keep him stable 'til morning?