Questions people ask

Idk about you guys but lately i have been finding myself very annoyed and irritated at the questions people ask me about diabetes. I feel like i have answered these questions about 10 billion times! I always feel like if a person asks me a question ive answered before for someone else that its the same person asking the question over and over again. Idk why i get soo annoyed i just do. I think maybe its because ive answered most of these questions for about 5 years now and im ready for someone to challege me to a new question! lol How do u guys feel about people asking questions?

Sometimes the questions can get a little repetitive, but I think the majority of people asking questions are legitimately curious. I know if I wasn't diabetic and I met someone who was, I would be asking a million questions too. If you really want a break for a while, put your pump in your pocket and check your blood sugar in private and no one will even know your diabetic. But think, when you do answer questions and educate people you are being an advocate for type 1, it's not so bad if you think of it that way!

I gave up answering peoples questions. They can ask all they want but no matter how we answer they will never truly understand. They can say they understand but they dont. They do not walk the path that we walk every day. The way i look at it as is stated other places...insulin is life support. Technically we are dead but not. I can tell people about diabetes all day as they ask their questions while drinking their large coffee with milk and extra sugar. Its like we are a different breed of people out there walking on a different road in life. Same questions all the time...."so you take insulin?"  "so you have to check your sugar?"  "so you cant eat anything with sugar in it?" blah blah blah

so over all how i feel is i get annoyed quick...even though its not the questionaires fault. but im just a sour diabetic to begin with.

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I think I must be more upfront about it than other people are.  Diabetes isn't really something I try to hide...  it's simply a part of who I am.  I don't remember a lot of "before".  It does get annoying to get the questions that seem to have such an obvious answer, but then I can just laugh to myself later.  I feel a little sorry for them that they don't know any better!  But, I can see if from the other side - there are a lot of diseases I don't know a lot about, and sometimes the best (or easiest) way to learn about it is to ask someone who's dealing with it on a day-to-day basis.

I'd say be grateful people are asking questions!  I didn't know anything about diabetes until I dated my boyfriend (T1).   I thought it was something you take a pill for & had basically been cured.  Soooo wrong.  Now I see everything he goes thru, how he has to constantly be checking his bloods, be thinking about what he's eating, I can understand why diabetics struggle with depression.  Now I want to shout from the mountaintops "Hey, this is still happening over here!"  Insulin isn't a cure.  The more people know the less ignorant society becomes.  Not to say I can't even imagine the idiotic questions you've received in your lifetime... just saying, I KNOW some of the idiot things I've said (or done) that have been incredibly hurtful or frustrating to my boyfriend just because I didn't know.  So, hang in there, sister.  Stay strong.  It's good the idiots like me ask!!  I think most of us mean well!!  :)

I think Mandi is right. I always thank people asking questions about my diabetes. I know I've probably answered these questions a million times, but I take it as a caring attention. I'm more annoyed by someone who ignores it or act like I don't live with it. I'm very open about my disease.

I've lived with Diabetes for only 2 years now, sometimes it was annoying, but in the end I'm sooo thankful for those questions. Talking about it helped me a lot in accepting it.

I completely agree with Ivan! I love when people ask about my diabetes, it does show they care and acutally want to know about you. Plus, I love talking about myself so any questions are fine!

one of my long term goals is to be a diabetes educator... i'd better get used to questions now.  i like to teach, and diabetes is actually something i know a little bit about.

The more and more i think about this i grow to both sides.... i get annoyed but yet i shouldnt because if i was them id ask too.

Thanks for the comments they really help ;)

It does get annoying, but my way to avoid being asked is just not telling them. If I talk to them alot and hang out with them then I would tell them and I won't mind just repeating the answers it will eventually get stuck in their head.The only thing that will get annoyin would be if i don't know them and i barely see them and every time i talk to them they keep askin bout my condition and I keep repeatin my answers....but i guess your side dpepens with your exp of people askin questions