Questions regarding a CGM (Control Glucose Monitor)

I am a juvenile diabetes ambassador for Medtronic involved in helping people with questions and issues. Feel free to ask questions regarding your control glucose monitor.

@JacobMedalie Hi I am a newly diagnosed diabetic, diagnosed about a month ago. Tomorrow I have an endo visit, and I was wondering when we could get the CGM?

For my personal opinion, because your a new diabetic, you should really learn about diabetes and what are the best food choices. Once you are comfortable, you should talk to your doctor about being put on an insulin pump and CGM. I highly recommend to use the Medtronic MiniMed equipment because it is what keeps me healthy. You can talk to your doctor to find out if you are capable of going on a pump yet.

In my opinion, a CGM can be a great resource for information regarding BG trends and how different foods affect BGs.
I don’t use a pump, even though I’ve had T1D for ten years. I’m not ready (yet). I was convinced to get a CGM and I have a Dexcom G6 and love it. A CGM can really help you NOW. A pump can be an option once you learn the particulars of YOUR diabetes. We’re all a bit different, but we all understand.

I only have CGM and I use it to tell me about food changes and my bodies response to it. I get frequent lows so I’m constantly looking for cures to keep me in target range.
I also am trying to find healthier options to these drops, something better than candies etc., but so far very little has shown up. But it is also helpful because you can print out daily reports and can show dr what’s going on, like dosing of insulin and your bodies response.

Jacob - as an ambassador for Medtronic you should probably be careful that even though you support them, you probably shouldn’t be pushing their products here… doesn’t look very professional and you are not a doc, right?

Hi Sloan, I say get the CGM asap, don’t try to figure things out without it - it definitely helps you track your highs and lows without having to prices fingers all day, plus it shows your where your sugars are heading so you can react ahead of time to catch lows and highs. Take care and keep your chin up. Your good attitude will help immensely.

Hi Jacob @JacobMedalie.

Out of curiosity, what is a “CONTROL Glucose Monitor”? I have searched everywhere, including Medtronic and can not find that term or equipment.

I am familiar with the term CGM and in diabetes management parlance it has another, commonly used, parlance. Do you hold a Medtronic training certificate?