Quick question about Lantus

Hey everyone,

I am supposed to begin Lantus tonight or tomorrow...Doctor said everyday before bed or when I wake up -- that it didn't matter.   But, I'm a college student and my sleep cycle is fairly variable...Would it be okay to just set a time and take it everyday?  Say, 10pm?

That's what I did in college -- just picked a convenient time. I mean, it seems to be okay for me if it varies slightly from day to day but not by a few hours.

BTW, Lantus tends to run out before 24 hours for many people. So, you may want to avoid taking it at a time where it would run out when you tend to run high -- if that makes sense. I split my dose now for that reason, but I'd see if once a day can work for you first.

yup. I do that. I try to take it between 8-10pm. Most of the time I take it with my dinner since I have been eating late (between 8-9pm). Just make sure if you take it with a short acting insulin that you take it in different spots. I take my lantus in my leg and my humalog in my stomach or my arm.  I don't like taking it in the morning since sometimes I sleep until 12pm (weekends mostly). I'm in my last year of college so this has been working for me. And sometimes I go out late (sometimes 10 or 11pm) and I always take my lantus beforehand just incase I don't come home until 3am or something,..that way I don't forget!

The time of day is your choice, however, it is important to be consistent.  

Also, I would agree with Sarah, I also noticed that lantus doesn't quite last as long as it says.  I take mine in the morning though, so that it wears off in my sleep.

I noticed a small peak in lantus about 8hrs/ish after taking it. I would take it before bed and what ended up happening was I would be high all night then wake up in the middle of the night with my sugars dropping during this period. Me personally I like to take it in the afternoon every day at 3pm, I stay up late and that way I do not have to deal with the peak at night while I am sleeping. Not to mention I eat less before bed so I get better control.

thanks for clearing this up, everyone!