Quick question

Hey everyone, just wondering regarding lantus the only danger or the only thing I have to watch out for when taking it early is the time between the early new lantus time and when I took it the night before correct? Lol confusing I know what I’m asking is that if I took my lantus at 8 pm last night and I want to take it at 6 tonight I just have to be aware from 6 tonight till 8 pm tonight…? I apologize if that’s too confusing thanks for reading. Kevin

What I do, and what the doctor told me when I switched to twice daily, is to take it 12 hours apart. So, if you take it at 8 AM the next dose would be at 8 pm. The action varies from one individual to another, so you should monitor blood sugars closely when starting out. It takes about 2-4 hours to start working and last about 24 hours. There is no pronounced peak, but there is a small one.
Walt Crocker, Author: “Diabetes! A lifetime of Being Too Sweet.”

I have a really hectic life, and I am bad about my evening dose of lantus being off by an hour or two. I take a larger dose in the morning and a smaller one in the evening. I have not noticed any effects from a couple of hours. I have been off from work for spring break and I have really got my times off both morning and night this week! I have had problems with highs and lows all week! Heading back to teach tomorrow and hoping to get my schedule back on track!

nataliehenson - Hi I’m Kelly and I also have this problem. My Dr. told me to plan it at meal times. I have no problem taking it at 6am and a quick breakfast before I head out. Then at 6pm while out with friends for dinner. The earlier I take it the better I sleep at night. Like birth control - don’t miss it! Or you slack off the whole week it seems.

I’ve found that a couple of hours won’t make that much of a difference with Lantus, but it should be as consistent as possible over a week’s time. If I’m off by more than a couple of hours, I split the difference until I’m back on track. If you use a pen, you should have no problem taking it wherever you’re at or whatever you’re doing. You don’t have to take Lantus at meals like Humalog, or Novolog because of its delayed onset. You can set your phone to remind you. You want to do everything you can to control it well and avoid complications. Trust me on that one as I was too busy early on and didn’t watch it that well, and now, after 46 years, I have some serious problems from it including vision loss and a kidney transplant…

I take my Lantus at 8pm, once daily. Lantus usually works in your body on average about 18-24 hours. I notice as it gets closer to my shot time,(within about 1-2 hours) my blood sugars are rising, so I know that the Lantus is wearing off. Try too find a good time for you to take your Lantus. So if you are off an hour or two, still take your shot. that length of time doesn’t throw it off much. i have been an hour or 2 late taking mine, and have not had an issue. Just remember that everyBody is different. I am surprised that some of you have split doses of Lantus. But I am not a doctor and everyone is different! Just make sure you keep testing your blood sugars. :slight_smile:

My doctors split my dose of Lantus right after my kidney transplant because my insulin requirements went up because of the prednisone. I was surprised by that as well.