Quick Set Infusion Sets... Defect?

Sooo I have had a problem with the quickset infusion sets. BUT only from one lot/batch --two boxes.  I have used four of the infusion sets from two seperate boxes and each time the cannulas have bent at a 90 degree angle.

Im curious if anyone else has had this problem.  Also what do you think I should do about making sure that medtronic acutally takes a look at this particular batch of infusion sets.

The model number is MMT397600

The Lot number is 2209156

About a 6 months ago (maybe, I'm actually not sure of the timing anymore) they recalled a lot of these infusions, I had 2 boxes that I had to send back. I do not know why they recalled them though, nor do I still have the lot number. I wasn't having any trouble with them, but I had only used one or two, so I sent them back. Sorry I can't be more helpful on that front. But maybe try calling the company to see if yours were part of this or if anyone else has complained. Good Luck!

These are not part of that lot.  I already looked into that.  Maybe its just a fluke that I got too bad boxes from the same lot.  Who knows.  Just cuirous if anyone else had anything similar happen.  The company is refunding me and stuff but I want to make sure that no one else uses them and gets sick.  I guess only time will tell.

I remember a few years ago my endo said not to keep infusion sets in cold places, like the garage (but I'm not sure why anyone would do that...), because it will cause them to kink when they are inserted.  Maybe your sets have been exposed to extreme temperatures?

I'v never had that problem but I did have a problem with there sites. I would blous and I wouldnt get any insulain cause for what ever reason the toub kept backing up with insulain and then adventually it would get soo backed up it would all push through and I would have severe lows. But right now im having a problem with right where the wire starts by the resivoire. When I sit it goes up against my waist and its like splitting open so now we have to figure that out.