Quick Set Kinking - All the Time

I have had a pump for 15 year, and used medtronic for most all of that time. I have been using the Quick sets for many years without a lot of issues. For the last 6-8 months, I have had nothing but problems when inserting the sets. I end up changing my site up to 4 times a day when it comes time to change it! They kink over and over again, until finally I just get lucky and one works.

I will say that this did not start until I had to order from a 3rd party (my insurance no longer has an in network contract with medtronic). I called the supply company when it first happened and they sent me a replacement box of set in case it was a bad lot. Same problem happened, I ordered a new serter in case it was bad. I even have my husband putting in my quick sets, but it is still the same issue. Also, I use only my stomach area, but I do rotate the sites and sides.

Has anyone else dealt with this? What have you done to fix it? I tried a Sure T set once recently and really liked it except for taking it out. It hurt to remove and caused bleeding at the site!

I am open to all suggestions at this point, it is so frustrating!! Plus causing severe irregular sugars.

Thank you!!

I never tried the Quick set, but I used to use the Silhouette infusion set for a long time and now I like the Mio because it is a complete set in each package.

So the canula is kinking when you insert?

I would call Medtronic and complain – something is not right and the 3rd parties have o get the infusion sets from Medtronic - it’s a monopoly!


Hi @BethBrown,

I was in contact with Medtronic on twitter and they told me to tell you to email dhelp@medtronic.com and someone will give you a call.

Let me know if you need anything else!


Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I will email them now!


NO PROBLEM! Please let us know how it goes!