Quick Set vs. Silhoette

I have been on a minimed pump for six years and have always used the quick set.  Recently i have gotten more no deliveries.  I went to diabetes camp the past two weeks and I heard that the silhoette site works better with activity and sports?  and it gets less no deliveries?  Does anyone have an opinion on which one works better?  I am 16 and in cross country, dance, and track. 

Thanks!  (:

Hey, I use the silhouette, haven't used the quick sets at all so can't comment on that. What I can say is my endocrinologist told me the same thing you were about silhouettes being better for physical activity and I personally haven't had many problems with it (anaerobic or aerobic).

I've used both sets and both work pretty well, but the silhouette works better if you don't have enough fat to put the quick set in. When I was thinner I used the silhouette because it wouldn't hit my muscle and kink off nearly as much. But I recommend that you put it in by hand and not with the inserter, because the inserter always put it in too far, and it hurt more and kinked off more. minimed will send you samples if you ask, I would try it and see what you think, or ask your dr's office, they might have samples too.

Thanks that is good to know!  I will have to get samples and see what I think.

I did the silhouette for years until my dr said i needed to start doing sites and there was no way I was watching the needle go it. I was an active kid and had very few problems with it in all the years I used it. I tried a sample of the quick set and I liked it because it's just a quick spring but I didn't like that I had to change the tubing EVERY time I changed the site (I rarely change my insulin and site at the same time).

LeahMarie, you don't have to change the tubing every time you change your site. Until I switched to animas I was on the quickset and i hardly ever changed the tubing at the same time. you can just insert it without priming and disconnect the new tubing and then connect the old tubing, and just do the fixed prime to fill the cannula.

hm. so, do you throw away the new unused tubing?

Thanks for the advice though. Always didn't like changing the tubing and throwing away about 14 units of insulin.

I have recently tried the silhouette after using the quick set and found that there were less bending of cannula and definitly better with activity.  I actually use both because sometimes I find it easier to find a spot to put the quick set on my body.  It is a little difficult to use silhouette on backside.  

I normally save a few in case, and throw away the rest. . . I only use the tubing for 6 days or so because I don't want it to crack or leak, but I have only had an issue once, and it was with 3 day old tubing.